Luke Jones commits to Hogs … mits-hogs/

Congratulations to Luke Jones on his commitment to the Razorbacks, another good young home grown talent. WPS

Ottis seems to be high on Luke How do you guys feel about him

I really like him. I have no claim to any expertise when it comes to this stuff, but I like what I hear and see. I was just going to Post about this commitment coming in and just setting there with little said. If he was from say CA, everybody would be jumping around. This is the type we must have. Arkansas produces so few, when one comes, we need them.

His highlight tape looks good, but then that is just a snapshot that anybody can make look good. Don’t know how many stars. I guess 3, but have no idea. I say 3 becasue of the lack of response here. Maybe it is 6 or 7 or maybe it is 1. don’t know or care.