Luke ford

I noticed where he received an invite to the opening finals in Oregon.

I may be wrong but isn’t that for the top 165ish players in the country?

Seems like we really have a gift on the way in ford.

Also, how long until his recruiting ranks shoot through the roof? He’s only a 4 star by scout and I couldn’t even find a ranking by ESPN, and high 3 by 247.

I assume that this invitation will be the eye opening moment and his ranks will go way up? Thoughts?

Yes, at Nike Headquarters.

It’s the top 166 or so players.

No idea on the rankings. I assume his ranking will go up.

That’s what I was thinking.

This guy sure has the chance to do something special at AR. With the TE talent and depth we have currently and in the future we may need a 5 wide TE set. That would be interesting!

He sure seems like a BIG TIME get for the Hogs. He has offers from the big boys and seems to be all Hog. Hope it stays that way. One would think he will end up being a legit four star on all services. Regardless of his ranking, sure seems like he could be another star TE for our Razorbacks.

So would u take out a lineman or the qb to fit all the players in that formation with out drawing a flag?

It was dripping with sarcasm.

But, a 5 wide receiver set doesn’t require the removal of anything. Just need 7 on the line of scrimmage, 5 OL 2 WRs.

As to if you can actually have 5 listed tight ends out there in a 5 wide set, idk. I think there is a rule of 3 TEs on the field at once but not sure how that works, but I guess you could always list Ogrady and Bell or whoever at WR if you really wanted to do that.

It would be cool to see in all actuality though.

Chicago Tribune recruiting writer said that Luke wasn’t named one of the MVPs at the huge Chicago showcase this past weekend but there was no doubt he was the most impressive athlete there. Good stuff.

247 has bumped him to a top 150 prospect now. His rating is 93 on 247 with a composite of almost 91. Needless to say he got his well deserved 4 stars and sure is on the come up in the rankings. As talented as this kid is I bet he continues to climb the rankings after the opening finals.