Luke Ford on his commitment “It’s crazy, I’m super pumped right now." … mits-hogs/

He has a touch of the flu, but obviously he feels good enough to pull the trigger for the Hogs.

WPS! How many TEs will we take next year?

WPS! Welcome to the Land of Opportunity!

He’s it unless there’s turnover at the position. Then I could see them going after another.

6’7" and looks like a “Skinny” 250lbs. Hebert will turn him into a Beast!

I gotta be first…

Was that Bama offer commitable??

Hell yeah it was commutable.

Sorry. Meant commmitable.

I think you got it right. Freudian like.

Welcome to Luke Ford and his family and thanks for choosing the Razorbacks,wishing for a successful career at Arkansas and future endeavors! WPS