Luke Ford decommits

Well thats disappointing.

Please tell us this is Luke playing one of his pranks that Bumper Pool was describing Thursday night.


Obviously something has happened here. Hard to believe that it’s just a realization that he wants to visit other schools.

The decommitment of Ford hurts enough without this MOTHO @ClaytonHogan409 attacking the kid and calling him a joke in multiple posts. This is absolutely unacceptable behavior of anyone much less a self ascribed season ticket holder. :twisted:

We are loaded at TE with 4 stars. If I was recruiting against us I would ask the kid when he thought he would get to play at Arkansas…if ever? If the kid has problems blocking in HS then I would also say that 4 stars at Arkansas can’t even get on the field because of blocking issues. Come to our school where we have playing time now and our blocking is not as critical.

Very good point, problems arise when you don’t have depth at a position and also when you do have depth, in this case we do have depth that will challenge a kid for playing time. Don’t know if that’s the issue, but him and his family are good people and they are just looking to put him in the best situation for his future. So now it’s back to evaluating other prospects to fill his position, you can just about be guaranteed CBB is not waiting around to see what he decides to do. Hope he makes the best decision for himself and hope it works out for him, but this morning it’s time for the Hogs to move on to the next prospect. WPS

There’s not a good way to spin this, hopefully he ends up a Hog but it is a severe loss if not.

It’s a loss but not severe. We need to move on as backer said and recognize the kid needs to do what is best for him. He felt he needed to decommit and take more visits. He is not sure he wants to be here so I am not sure he needs to be here after such a glowing dialogue from him after he committed. Some other school changed his mind and that worried me when he was still taking calls from other schools yet saying he was committed to us. He just wasn’t sure and other recruiters played on that. We don’t need a TE in this class but he was good enough to take. Let’s move on and sign for a different position.

My spin on it is, it is a severe loss. For one main reason.

The loss of a 4 star TE isn’t that big of a loss at AR…but the loss of our best class recruiter is. He was openly involved in recruiting other players to join the class on Twitter and at camps. He’s also to my knowledge the only one going to the Nike Opening, which his recruiting would’ve been nice there with the best players in the country.

Sure hope he ends up coming back, but I’ve seen this story before and it’s rare that they do.

Unfortunately, you are right that these kids rarely come back. I thought Connor Noland was our best recruiter in this class? Something about Luke was very unsure even though he tried to recruit for us. If he is that unsure while saying what he did early and helping with recruits, then I say this is not a good fit when this is not a critical position for this class. I HATE to lose a 4 star but this isn’t a 4 star LB or DT, but now we have a slot for…a 4 Star LB or DT. Luke is a good kid but this isn’t a good fit period.

I will add one thing. If he is as good as he thinks and the analysts think, and he has an NFL type of frame/body… then he should want to play at a school that has a history of putting good TE’s in the NFL of late. He should also want to be at a school with an offense that will teach him an offense and blocking skills that the NFL WANTS to draft. He should also want to go to a place like Arkansas because he needs a RS year to learn the NFL offense and blocking…instead of a place he can play early yet miss out on the NFL TE coaching and schemes.

Think about it. He is not an Evan Ingram type of TE, so we are a perfect fit for him. Do we want to deal with players and families that are not sure about this good of a fit? They weren’t even sure they wanted to come down for the first trip. He is a good kid from a good family it appears, but they are getting some bad advice… and listening to it.

It’s a severe loss. One of the national recruiting experts has already projected him to Alabama. With other visits to LSU, Georgia, Florida, and Ohio St. When you can’t keep talent committed at a position you are most known for, that speaks volumes.

When you are trying to elevate recruiting to close the talent gap with the top SEC schools, this is a huge setback. Does this give pause to others who have committed as well?

Of course it’s a severe loss…want to compete more consistently with the “big boys”? Well, you have to attract kids the “big boys” want. It looked like we’d one of those battles in this case, but instead its close but no cigar.

After watching him work last Saturday at camp, it is a huge loss - or at least possible loss.

Great frame, runs great routes, great hands. Arkansas wanted - and still wants him - for very good reasons.

He’s a beast.

Dudley, would you consider him a beast?

Yes and Yes.

I asked last week and was told he would be here for the 2nd session of summer school.

The more I think about it, the more this doesn’t make sense.

Just days ago he was “all hog” possibly more so than most of our commits outside of CN.

Something leads me to believe that something has happened. That we don’t know about. I understand wanting to visit schools, I don’t blame him I would want him to, but the de-commitment is what is telling to me. CBB doesn’t like players who are committed to take trips, but our top players in the past have gotten away with it.
I bet something isn’t being said.

Totally agree…something in the soup ain’t chicken about this deal. You don’t just wake up and say oops I need to take more visits…and then say no interviews! Probably never know but I hope DD and RD can discover what happened.