Luke Fickell

The more I look into Luke Fickell and do some research, the more I really like him. I know most folks in here think that if we hire him, and Ryan Day leaves Ohio State, most feel that he would jump at the chance to be the HC at Ohio State (again). And along those same lines, yes, I know he really hasn’t hardly ever been out of the state of Ohio. He’s learned from some great head coaches: John Cooper, Jim Tressel, and of course Urban Myer. Another thing I’ve already mentioned about him that I think is an advantage not a disadvantage: He’s young (46). I think we need a younger man that has a lot of passion and energy that he could bring to the table. On another message board, most of the contributors agreed that he would be a good hire ( .

On the flip side, a writer from SBNation, Mike Schneider, strongly believes that Fickell will remain at Cincinnati. His reasons: 1) Fickell is a family man, and wouldn’t want to uproot his family; 2) No great options (obviously Mr. Schneid doesn’t think we’re a great option; 3) His return to Ohio State is very likely.

So, what do you think? Personally, I think he would be a fantastic hire for Arkansas. I hold 2 degrees from the University of Arkansas, and I hope whomever HY hires, we will get behind him 110%! Go Hogs!

I would love Fickell. might be my #2, after Campbell and ahead of Leach.


Probably a great coach. Concerns are what have been mentioned
repeatedly; however, he might kick start our program to a level that
would be attractive to the next great coach who finds a home here.
He, Campbell or Rhule would be high probability winners.

Not interested in Fickell at all. No recruiting ties to the south and he’s learned from all the sleazes that you mentioned., Tressel was a detestable sleaze as is Meyer. No thanks!

So, tell us who you got as your top realistic HC candidates that has all the recruiting ties and actually may want this job. We have all heard that Leach wants the job, but who else?
Chad Morris had all the so called Texas recruiting connections, how did that work out?

Keep in mind while you down play Fickell and the fact that you don’t like Tressel or Meyer they both won National Championships and Arkansas hasn’t since 1964 and that was a split National Championship.

Go Hogs!

Go Hogs!

All those sleazes just won… which is what they do here in Ohio. It’s a great thing that Arkansas needs to learn how to do.

Good coach, but don’t think he would fit here, no ties to the recruiting base. They do win in Ohio, lived in Lebanon 2001-02, good HS football in that area and Cincinnati and Dayton.

John Cooper told me years ago Luke was best young coach he’d ever been around. I do not think Ryan Day is ever going to leave Ohio State.

Thank you Clay for your response and your input!

Doesn’t matter. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean I have to re-list the candidates I like. Check out my other posts. I dislike them both so who cares.

Guess Campbell and Fickell are the two that interest me most, especially in program building. As far as immediate impact, even as much as I don’t really like Kiffin, I wonder if he doesn’t have the most impact in name identification, staff building and recruiting recognition. It will be interesting to see if any of these three end up being the choice.

Ryan Day will be in the NFL as a HC in the next 5 years.

Geez, settle down a bit…was just asking a question.

Go Hogs!