Luke Fickell

What is everybody’s thoughts on Luke Fickell, the current HC at Cincinnati? I like him for several reasons: 1) He’s young. Yes, I believe we need a young, energetic coach to help revitalize the Razorback football program. 2) He’s a winner! Yes, I also realize he’s only been a head coach for a relatively short period of time, but he is 31-18 overall as a HC, and last year he went 11-2. He’s worked under some great head coaches. And from everything I’ve researched, he doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet. What does everybody think?

I think Luke is a fine young coach that will get woodshedded next Friday by should have been our coach in 2017/ future FSU coach Mike Norvell.

PS He won’t be our coach.

Certainly should be looked at, but not sure how far up the liat he would be.

Looks like a good fit to me. He has an impressive resume with a lot of experience and is still young. Noted as an excellent recruiter and excellent defensive coach. Salary 2.3 M.

I live just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky and have followed the UC Bearcats over the past 20 seasons.
Obviously, the best players around here usually end up at Ohio State, but there is plenty of talent in the area. The Cincinnati metroplex has a bunch of high level High School football programs such as Colerain, St. Xavier, Elder, Lakota East, Lakota West and Princeton to name a handful that produce D1 talent on a yearly basis. Then you come across the River and you find Covington Catholic, Highlands, Simon Kenton, Ryle not to mention that Indianapolis is only an hour and a half away provides UC fertile recruiting close to home as well as Lexington and Louisville which are within an hour and a half away also.
As for Coach Luke, I believe he’s a good coach, but I think he likes what he is building at UC and will probably await a Big Ten job which is more in his wheel house.
However, you never know.

Go Hogs!

One source has reported he is our new coach. Was on his wikipedia page for a few hours and supposedly scrolled across bottom of ESPN screen, although I didn’t see it.

Too Big 10 for me, but he apparently can coach.

Let me add that although penalties haven’t affected UC’s W/L record this season they are the most penalized team in all of D1 football this year at over 9 per game.
That does say something about attention to detail and discipline.

Go Hogs!

Wow! Don’t know how accurate Wikipedia is, but it certainly says that he is now our coach! Dudley, or any other members of the media, can you confirm this?

Wikipedia is completely inaccurate. Anyone can go on there and edit that.

Apparently I have just been made a big-time fool of. Sorry.

He is a good coach, but not in league with Leach, Kiffin, Norvell, or even Pittman!

247Sports says he has emerged as a serious candidate for Arkansas job. Does that mean anything?

The guy is a Buckeye player, assistant and interim coach. He has to be a push from Steinmetz. Hunter would not put his butt on the line with this guy, surely.

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Could be fake news. If so, I apologize for falling for it. I have no objection to the moderators removing the thread.

I can go on Wikipedia and change someone’s article, right now. I could make Asa Hutchinson our new football coach. Doesn’t mean he is, just means someone is playing a prank.

I looked at Wiki twice since you posted. First time said he was the new coach. Second time it has him as Cincy HC

Literally anyone can go on someones wiki page and edit it.

I know that, just responding to the original poster. It did say AR, now it doesn’t.

There was also an article that had a headline of Fickell emerging as a serious candidate at AR. Now that’s no longer the headline, but is still in the first paragraph (247)

I lived in Columbus, OH in the mid-1990’s when Luke Fickell was a starting defensive lineman. He played on a great defense with Mike Vrabel and Andy Katzenmoyer. I attended OSU games frequently. I was a little stunned when I first moved to Columbus as to how much greater OSU’s program resources were, recruiting and otherwise, compared to Arkansas. Fickell had a good reputation in the city and coached on the OSU staff for years. The Hogs could do a lot worse than Luke Fickell.