Lufkin, Texas, has potential as a Hogs' prospect pipeline … hogs-pr-1/

Lufkin has had an Arkansas native as head coach for the last 24 seasons, first John Outlaw from Ozark and then Todd Quick from Malvern. While they may not steer kids to UA, they aren’t going to dissuade them either.

Johnny Outlaw is legend down there. Movie just come out about him.

Yep. My brother, who played for Outlaw in his first HC season at Arkadelphia, attended the first Arkansas screening. Most of it is about his time in Texas, but they talk quite a bit about his nine seasons in Arkansas (two state titles). Not many coaches win state championships in two states.

He recruited me at UCA. Where he is also a legend there as one of the most fiercest hitters to play for them. (SCA then). All 160 lbs of him.