Lucas Oil

Anybody know the shooting percentages from the three point line during the tournament in Lucas Oil? The depth perception is horrible. The stands are 30-40 yards from the floor on 3 sides. It’s less than ideal for a basketball game for both players and fans. The “nosebleed” section may require oxygen it’s so high up. Those seats are probably 50% further from the court than the upper level seats in Bud Walton. In fact the closest sections most can sit in are comparable to sitting in the upper level of Bud.

Baylor is such a good three point shooting team, I’m hoping this helps us.

You would think they could have a large crowd in that cavernous dome of a stadium, even with Covid limitations.

Baylor shot 33% from deep, 11 of 33.

Official attendance for that game was 5837, by the way.

The way they have the stadium split in half for these early rounds, the max for this game (with the 25% of capacity cap) is probably about 8000. They’ll have slightly larger capacity for the FF but not the entire stadium.

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