Luc Bequette

Looks like he’s starting at DE for Cal on Saturday vs. North Carolina.

Love that kid. Wish him the best.

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Didn’t realize he was playing Defense. Saw him at my church a couple of times before he headed to Berkeley. Not tall, but built like a refrigerator. Hope he has a great career.

In the portal

Back to your old tricks, I see…

How does he have any eligibility left? He graduated high school in 2015.

6th year eligible. He was a redshirt then injured in his 4th game the next year. Recently approved for a medical hardship year. Probably lots of Pac 12 players in the portal since they cancelled fall football.

3 year starter at cal. We should take a look if we have any room.

This has been in the works since the PAC 12 announced no season.

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As of recently, no room.

Possibly a walk on?

That won’t happen.

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Hearing ACC.

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Ding ding ding
Boston College

He’s been there for awhile. Not sure the reason for the delay in reporting he’s part of the team.

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