LSU's Reid - Superb Frosh

Wow…he has game, height, speed, power, and hair. Solid free throw shooter, solid 3 point shooter, can move with the ball. In the mold of an NBA 4, he’s a better shooter than all of our guards but Joe (and he’s got 5 inches and 80 pounds on him). He scored 27 points on the Hill.

Goodness, what’s he gonna do today in Red Stick.

There was a reason Naz was a McDonald’s All-American and rated #2 at his position. It is a mystery how Will Wade pried him away from blue bloods and out of New Jersey.

No it’s not.

It’s called pay for play, that’s the only way this kid ended up at LSU.
Coach Wade and LSU has decided to join the “elite programs” and try to compete in recruiting with them. Time will tell if the NCAA decides to investigate how a non traditional “Blue Blood” basketball program like LSU is now signing kids like a “Blue Blood” program.
Good to see the Kansas player declared ineligible for this season and next, but the NCAA needs to also strip them of a number of scholarships and post season bans for four years, which would coincide with the number of years this player caught up in the scandal could’ve been on scholarship at that university.
The NCAA doesn’t want to do it, but it’s what should be done if they want to stop this crap.
Does anyone not understand why Reggie Perry ended up at Mississippi St. instead of sticking with his commitment to Arkansas to play with his AAU teammates?
It’s all about pay for play benefits to the kid or his family in some form.
If you look at the so called “Blue Blood” programs in college basketball and then google the most corrupt basketball programs of all time you will find most all of them on that google search. It’s sickening and all of those at ESPN know exactly what’s going on and yet just sing the praises of these programs on a yearly basis.

Go Hogs!

It sure gets old playing these teams that are buying players game in and game out

Nazeron was a 6-2 point guard the first time I saw him play AAU for Sports U

He’s kept a lot of the same skill and added the height.

Got it down to Arizona and LSU.

Ole Willy Wade, closing doors, and making deals. I still laugh every time I read the transcript of him say let him shut the door first. What a shady dude, how he’s allowed to still coach is beyond me. I’m so glad Arkansas doesn’t have this problem, the day we start cheating and doing shady deals and our name comes up in FBI investigations, will be the day I’m no longer a fan.

“Would you want Balsa?” Dawkins asked, according to the transcript reported by Yahoo Sports.

“Oh, the big kid?” Wade responded.

Dawkins confirms.

“OK, but there is other [expletive] involved in it,” Wade said. “Wait, I’ve got to shut the door … I can get you what you need but it’s got to work.” … 675082002/

Oh, thats shocking that Arizona was in the mix for this recruit. The same University of Arizona that had their coach squarely in the NCAA cross hairs last season for cheating and paying players?
Gosh, what happened to Sean Miller, oh yea, he’s still coaching at Arizona and I don’t believe I’ve heard of any NCAA punishment with regard to pulling scholarships or post season bans.
Why play by the rules?

Go Hogs!