LSU's Lowest Point Total and OT

13 points versus LSU…at LSU…at night. Very impressive defensive performance by the Hogs.

Yes in my opinion Odom’s best game plan of the year he brought pressure and LSU wasn’t ready for it…we also played a lot of four-man front and that helps stop their run.

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They’re only touchdown was on a blitz

LSU fans think they left a lot of points on the field, and they’re right. Inside the 40 four times and got nothing, then the pick in OT. But we had something to do with that too.

Last night was one of those old slobberknocker defensive battles that used to happen a lot more often in CFB. They threw everything but the kitchen sink at us, and we threw everything at the freshman QB.

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Yeah that’s right pick out the one play where we missed the sack and try to highlight that :rofl:the rest of the time he had to get rid of the ball way before he wanted to is why he threw two ints.if you don’t think that has a lot to do with it you don’t know much about football

And a scramble after we allowed their QB to slip a tackle.


It works when you win! It was the right game plan but won’t be for Alabama.

oh it will work against Alabama, LSU prove that!! but you can’t do it as much as we did last night because you have a better quarterback. We have to have a balance you can’t sit in one defense the entire game and be successful

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Yep, Bama threw for 302 yards against LSU with a 151 passing efficiency.

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This! But @thehuntinhog won’t mention that because he doesn’t want to admit you can’t sit back and do the same vanilla defense all the dang time!

I definitely would like to mix it up more than we have but I have no way of knowing if our record would be different. I know we’ve been beat with the blitz. I know we’ve been beat without it. What else would you like me to admit to.

It’s never been about the blitz but rather being multiple in approach and giving different looks to keep the offense on their heels.

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