LSU's Kelly prefers 9 game SEC schedule

Wants to play the best.

Kelly said the model he has seen has the Corndogs playing Bama, Ole Miss and A&M every year.

Resolution of the schedule is expected in April or May.

Easy for Kelly to say when Louisiana is a fertile recruiting ground…a top 8 state in providing D1 and SEC talent.
UA…Camof Champions

Also, you have to remember that he came from Notre Dame, which doesn’t play many cupcakes either.

They play Navy, TN State, and Central Michigan this year, also Wake Forest and Duke. Now, the later have gotten a lot better recently, but historically haven’t been juggernauts.

Navy will always be on their schedule for one reason: If ND had not been designated a naval training school during WWII, it probably would have had to close (they didn’t admit women then).

Two cupcakes are not horrible. And their current contract with the ACC requires either 4 or 5 games annually with ACC teams; could be Duke or Syracuse, could be Clemson or FSU. They also play Stanford and USC annually, whether they’re good or not; both still Power 5, as are the ACC opponents.

TN State and C Mighigan are as much cupcakes as anyone we play, UAPB and Kent St, the point is, their schedule has a few easier games, as well as ours does.

Kelly isn’t coaching them in 2023.

The last year he did coach them, they played Toledo (and almost lost). Nobody else on there cupcakey. The ACC games were FSU, VTech, UNC, UVa and GTech (okay GTech is bad, but that’s in essence a conference game; nobody worries about playing Vandy in our league). Then they played Purdue, Wisconsin, USC, Stanford, Navy and Cincy (which beat them and made the CFP).