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I got what I was hoping from their game yesterday. I wanted them to stay in the game and have to fight to the end. They had their chance. That is for sure, but in the end, their dream was crushed. They had a hard fought game but came away very disappointed. It is very difficult to come away from that and be ready to play again in a week. Not saying they will not. They are very talented for sure, but will they have their heart in it? I think that gives us our best chance to win. Would be much better if it was in Fayetteville on a cold night, but it is not.

The Hogs are going to have a good season all things considered. In Aug. nearly all of us thought 7 wins would be awesome and it will be, but 8 - 4 with 4 SEC wins is beyond what most of us dreamed. That could mean a nice Bowl for Larry! I would go to FL at the end of the year.


I can’t come up with many examples (none, right now, actually) of a team firing a coach really early in the process and then having the team rally around, as if a great season would somehow find the coach getting rehired. Instead, it seems like there is a point that the players say, “screw it” and quit playing hard. Then, they get trounced routinely. I am hopeful that LSU players throw in the towel and merely “go through the motions.”

We saw it prior to Chad being fired - the players largely quit on the staff - and suddenly you can’t beat a wet paper bag (our talent). LSU might be able to stay with us for a bit, but pound on them with the OL and tackle aggressively and there tent just might fold.

Not saying you guys are, but I never count those guys out. Dinardo’s final season of 1999 comes to mind. I thought we’d go in there and romp a 2-8 team but instead we got romped. I think it’ll be a hard fought game whoever wins.


LSU will be ready to play and will be fired up. They want to keep The Boot!

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LSU players will be getting plenty of (back channel) offers for transfers through the portal. Probably already happening. I’d imagine hiring a coach quickly after the final game will be a must to slow down the exodus. TN lost 30 to the portal once Pruitt was fired. The NCAA issues a big factor there.

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The difference between their 2-8 yr and this yr is Houston is not our coach😋

Houston had his share of good moments against LSU, although not enough. Nutt was 4-6 against LSU.

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I didn’t realize his was that good against LSU. He did have a good record against Alabama, also

LSU is going to be an extremely tough opponent at night in Tiger Stadium. They just are. Their QB is coming along. They have lots of talent. Its an example of how mediocre Coach O really is that they are 4-5.

That said, we can win there. We have done it before. But it will require a good start. Let their crowd get rocking at night? That’s not a scenario we want. I have been in Tiger Stadium many times. It’s NUTS.

Bourbon is a de-inhibitor!

Last time we won at Baton Rouge (2015) was a night game. And the Cajuns were streaming to the exits early in the fourth quarter.

The psyche of a team is hard to read. It could be that LSU gets confidence from playing Alabama that close. Or it could be that that was their one maximum effort, it didn’t pay off and they’ll raise the white flag now.

We can win, however I expect Coach O to throw everything at us including the crawfish boiling pot !! The question is when does the team start to lose the heart to compete with a gone but not left yet coach and staff. Our big win against the Pirate should give some motivation and if we came out of that game with no major injuries you have to like our chances. Our team has to clean up the penalties to give themselves a opportunity to slip out of Death Valley in the dark of the night with a win. WPS

I really like our chances there and we will need the ball to bounce our way a couple times to secure the win.

I know each year is different, the Hogs will be confident knowing we were so short handed last year and we played LSU toe to toe in Fayetteville. They won’t be intimidated with CSP as our coach.

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