Owns us. Gotta figure out a way to beat these guys when it matters.


LSU gets the breaks. We can’t mske our own.

Manieri owns DVH. The numbers don’t lie.

Well, that’s par for the course.

No question…they own us in baseball. Sucks.

Neither one of them played tonight. One mistake by Campbell & LSU scored 2 runs. We pitched well, we defended well. We couldn’t hit Hess.

No doubt LSU has our number, but I think it’s unfair to make it a personal deal between coaches. LSU was beating us long befor Manieri started there—and before DVH got here.


How many programs has LSU not owned in baseball?

One for sure. Even in an average year for them, or below.

This is probably DVH’s best team and one of their least talented and nothing changes… no excuses can justify.

Can someone interpret this for me? Thanks.

Buckhog, I think he means we had one of our best teams and LSU had one of their least talented, and they still beat us.

He could have said that, but what does the “no excuses” mean? I don’t know of any baseball game that doesn’t end with one winner & one loser. This particular game means nothing for this season. Starting now every game counts.

Sometimes it’s just luck. Today our whole lineup was swinging for the fence. How many hitter made an attempt to go the other way! At some point a line drive beats a long fly ball out!
A few things standout today!
The see and I bleeder single that LSU had
The homer that happens just after the 2-1 pitch that was called a ball that had been called a strike after the rain delay especially on Bonfield.

The breaks went their way again it’s over who cares.

Campbell was great for 5 innings. At some point the coaches need to pull him out of a game before he gives up a lead. He has proven over his last few outings he can’t go deep in a game!

Anytime you only allow 2 runs your offense should be good enough to score enough runs to win.

What does it really mean to have a tournament where a 1 loss team can elimate a team with no losses! That’s just simply stupid!

On Monday the hogs will find out who is coming to Baum! LSU is waiting to see where they will travel too! I hope they get pounded.

It is what it is…Van Horn has to do something to overcome mental problem with LSU. So far, he has been unable to do it.

Everything that is is. But that doesn’t mean our problems with LSU are mental. Most of the time they’re simply the better team. That’s not mental. This year we have the better team, but baseball being what it is, too, we lost another close game. We lost because their ace was able to pitch tonight & he pitched very well. That was pretty much it. Cole smashed one that would have one the game had it been just a few feet longer. Shaddy stroked one up the middle where the 2nd baseman was well positioned to make the play. LSU made no costly errors, neither did we. We scored 1 run; they scored 2 because their HR happened to come with a runner on base. This wasn’t mental. It’s baseball. That’s what it is.

Hate is a strong word - but I do literally hate LSU. I have spent the bulk of my adult life living among the enemy down in La., and rarely get to crow about the Hogs beating them in anything (in 30 years now…)

I understand your feelings completely.

Sometimes hate isn’t strong enough for the way I feel about LSU in all sports, Alabama in football and Kentucky in basketball! The announcers whom blow about our opponents in the game taking place!

Our baseball team lost a game yesterday to an inferior bunch arrogant tigers that shouldn’t have been on the field.

They can stick this tournament in their pipe and smoke it! It sure isn’t mental! There’s umpires behind the plate helping! Every break goes their way!