Is mailing one in against the Aggies. Tiger Droppings is going ballistic.


What the heck, is going on? Can’t happen to a great group of schools…

LSU isn’t that good.


LSU is plenty good, just unmotivated in the first half. Looks like Kelley crawled up their butts at half.

aTm’s first TD came off a missed tackle by Foucha. Totally whiffed and RB walked in. Wonder if LSU will win another game this year.

TD A&M…mercy like ours

I can’t believe I’m rooting for Jimbo. I’d love to see the tiggers go down.

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Same player

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Agree. LOL!

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I was about to post this before the TD. But just look at Jimbo’s glasses, you can’t see through them, LOL

I’ve always thought Jimbo looked like a guy that was sneaking out the back door of a porno theater……


I was listening briefly in the first half and Harold Perkins was shaken up. Was that anything serious (I’m watching women’s hoops)?

Plenty of time.

Aggies playing a ton of freshmen and sophs. If they don’t get portaled, they will be formidable next year.

You can count on them getting portaled. Those recruiting classes didn’t sign up for 5-7/4-8.

We could’ve beat them easily. They did everything they could to lose. We won’t see them in such poor position for awhile.

#5 team, in trouble. NO 5??

I hate Kellleyyyyy. Is that how he says it?

WATCH that TD catch!!!

28-14 correction 31-17 Gaggies

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A&M with the ball and 12:29 to go. 2 penalties against A&M all game

Jimbo’s about to get another raise and extension!

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