LSU wins on walk off homer.

Now THAT was a give away!
LSU wins, 9/7

Tony Vitello has his work cut out for him at Tennessee. They were ahead 7-3 at LSU and LSU scored 6 in 9th to win. Tennessee is a tough place to win in baseball. Since Arkansas has been in SEC Tennessee has had 2 maybe 3 good years. I was a little surprised Tony took that job. There facilities are not great either maximum capacity is 4283 which is way below what other teams in SEC have.

That was hard to watch simply because I was feeling for Tony V…not to mention we needed LSU to lose that game for separation. I’ve not followed it closely but folks around here are saying TV and his staff are recruiting better than predecessors and expectations are he will be landing some studs soon…which of course will only heighten the expectations of him turning the program around. Me, I have serious doubts he can do it quickly enough.

As said in another thread, Tennessee is where coach careers go to die. I wish Vitello well, but he has his work cut out for him in Knoxville.

I like Tony for obvious reasons, but I’m no Tennessee fan. (I’m still bitter over the '71 Liberty Bowl.) However, I don’t understand why UT is so bad in baseball, or more accurately, why they don’t seem to care that they’re so bad. Tenn has a lot of money. It wouldn’t take much for them to build a state of the art stadium & other facilities to attract recruits & fans. Only thing I can figure is that no one in that place cares. I know it’s a cold weather place relative to most of the SEC, but so are UK, MU, and we. We’re an elite program & UK is making strides toward getting there. One would think UT could be, too.

NE, we are on the same page.

VOLS are swindlers.

As for LSU and Tennessee I really don’t care for either one of them! I hope Tony V. has sucess but I sure wish he would have gotten a better job!
The hogs have had leads at LSU and thrown games away too! I just hope The hogs are able to beat the Tigers at least 2 out of 3 in the series we have against them.

I have my lodging for the LSU series as well as my tickets. Looking forward to poboys, oysters, crawfish and gumbo along with beating the dog crap out of LSU (well, fingers crossed). My wife and I are set for our traditional Saturday morning in Breaux Bridge and Cafe Des Amis. Lo and behold that weekend is the annual crawfish festival in Breaux Bridge. Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!