LSU - Will Wade in major trouble


AD & perhaps the University President should lose their jobs for not doing the right thing after the phone recording became public.


Remember when those very recruits returned Wow, LSU goes 3 for 3 on Draft withdrawals just to witness the hammer “hopefully” drop.

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oh man, that is one great ESPN article! do I dare hope that the NCAA will enforce it’s own rules appropriately???


If the NCAA doesn’t come down with some strong ass sanctions, they should just close the shop and let someone else take over. I sure hope this can be a wrap before basketball season starts.

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I just don’t think they will hammer LSU. Why? Because the NCAA knows Duke, UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, and others have been allowed to do the same thing for years without fear of retribution due to their “blue blood” status. The NCAA simply was afraid to punish those schools for financial reasons.

Kansas is going to get hit by the new committee before LSU is. So your argument blows up. Louisville got a national championship taken away on the word of a prostitute. This is a stinking FBI wiretap, not a disgruntled hooker.

The NCAA might punish LSU basketball severely, but that goes under the heading of “nobody cares”. However, if the football program gets dragged into the investigation of the basketball program, then that might be worth watching. Graft and corruption go hand in hand in Louisiana like it does in Chicago.

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I think it could go higher than that. Think SMU, LSU as a state run school and their athletic department are hurting financially, so where is all this money coming from. Politicians might be hiding away for a while if this ever comes to anything.

I’ll take the NCAA seriously if Will Wade is fired, scholarships are reduced, and tournament ban for at least 3 years. If that doesn’t happen, which I think nothing will happen till I see it, then the NCAA has become completely useless.


Please remember this before criticizing one of our coaches for “not closing the deal”, “not working hard enough”, or “not getting in on a recruit early enough.”


Okie State got one year tournament ban for assistant coach shenanigans. Kansas and LSU went way beyond that. I’m agreeing that three years and two new head coaches would be appropriate.

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They’ll probably suspend him for the non-conf and then delay the season to begin with conference games due to COVID.

that has gone nowhere for over a year after it was discovered. If it was that big of deal b/c of the wiretap, they had plenty to do something by now. The only reason something happens now is because a) the season may be shot due to COVID anyway and b) they look really look stupid now if they stay silent.

If you read the article you discover one reason it had dragged out so long is that Will Wade refused to cooperate. Which is another reason the NCAA is going to hammer them. They do not like lack of cooperation

And LSU is praying they don’t send the football case in with the basketball case because they’ll get lack of institutional control and really get hammered.

I represent folks all the time being investigated by the FBI. One thing I am certain of is, while the FBI does like cooperation, we don’t slow them down. They do what they want and they find who they need. If they can hammer will wade, they would have got him to cooperate by now. My point, it has nothing to do with cooperation. It has to do with the FBI not wanting to move.

I’m more inclined to believe he did cooperate, but they must move forward against LSU due to pressure. Something else I’m certain of is the FBI only releases details of it’s investigation as it pleases. It is doing this to justify it’s next move.

You’re talking about the FBI, I’m talking about the NCAA; they’re two different things. They couldn’t even use that evidence in court against Dawkins or whoever they were prosecuting. For whatever reason the FBI is not going after any head coaches even though they have evidence against both Self and Wade. But that doesn’t stop the NCAA

That’s true. I was talking about the FBI. I will never believe the NCAA has any enforcement ability or guts… unless the FBI tells them what to do. The FBI usually has it’s reasons for slow playing, but it appears (through the leaking of info) they may be about to do something. As I’ve said, it’s a good time. Everyone wins.

FBI doesn’t tell the NCAA what to do. They’re enforcing federal law. NCAA rules are not federal law. What Wade did may not have been illegal at all in the eyes of the FBI, but a strong-ass offer to buy a player (Javonte Smart, who is still on the LSU roster) is damn sure against NCAA rules. What the FBI wiretap did is hand the NCAA its case on a silver platter. It took this long because Wade dragged his feet on cooperating (which I would do too if I knew I was about to become unemployed as a result).

How do you think they got the wiretap?

Because they were investigating Christian Dawkins, who has been convicted of bribery for his role in this mess. They just happened to catch Wade on the phone with Dawkins. NCAA found out afterward, basically when the story leaked to Yahoo Sports.

Speaking of that leak, here’s the first story. Did the FBI leak it to Yahoo? Maybe.