LSU will be without 2 OL

LSU will be without two starters Hines and Bradford (RG LT)this week… hate to see anyone hurt but this has to help our chances for sure.

I hope they’re fully recovered by sometime next week. Until then–well, no need to aggravate any injuries.


The thoughtfulness by people on the board, shows there’s still hope for mankind. Touching.


Hines and Ingram (the two guards) are the ones Orgeron said are out this week. Dellinger and Martinez are expected to start this week. Martinez, a sophomore, has started twice and played in every game. Dellinger is a freshman.

Yeah that’s right Clay, I think Bradford went out about 2 weeks ago for the season… they will definitely have a different look to them this week.

Hate to see any players that have busted their butts and fought thru long practices and sacrificed countless hours to be on the field when play begins only to miss being able to answer the whistle. OTOH, we faced LSU last year with a depleted roster.

Yes we definitely face them last year when we were very short-handed. It’s part of the game no doubt

After the way the hogs had to play short handed I’m not upset. At the same time I don’t want to see players at any level get hurt or miss playing time!

Read today LSU will be without 13 starters from the UCLA game at start of season. Of course the starters for Saturdays game have played at different times and last week still competed. That is still a bunch of starters though.

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