LSU Week's Different This Year

I have a house divided, with my wife’s family being Tiger fans and living in Baton Rouge for 40+ years. My mother in law passed away this past winter, and I miss her this week. She was pretty firey lady, even talking smack at times. It was really funny bc she was such a gentile, classy southern lady, but this week each year she’d ramp up for the game. I couldn’t watch this game with her, so I’d go to the camp & watch it. But I do miss her passion, even if it was for the Tigers.


She sounds like a real character.

I always enjoyed MalvernHog’s Aunt Shorty. She was a petite, classy lady and was quite the Arkansas fan, teaching several of us to despise Ole Piss. And she is the one who taught us to say “Go to Hell Ole Miss, Go to Hell!”