LSU @ Vandy

In the first half
Free throws.
LSU. 18/21
Vandy 8/10
Possession after possession the whistle blows on LSU’s offensive end.
There’s several possessions where Vandy is clearly fouled by LSU on their offensive end with no call. The phantom whistle is for LSU. Along with allowing them to be over your back to go to offensive glass. They called a foul on Vandy when they were going up for the rebound and LSU just ran up the Vandy’s players back! Pathetic SEC ref’s!

Mays has 4 fouls he clearly charged Vandy defender was outside the restricted circle it’s called a block!
LSU rebounds and falls to the floor no walk! It’s just sorry one sided! The SEC office must be controlling who is supposed to win this one!

All for naught. Modores win!

I’m proud it happened to LSU! I hate Will Wade and everything he stands for!

Now if we can exact revenge on the Tigers when they come to BWA that would be real justice for the unethical LSU Basketball program and 1 of the many scumbag coaches in the SEC.

I am still celebrating Hogs win over LSU in Baton Rouge last year. That was sweet.

This win by Vandy was equally sweet! LSU couldn’t find the defense to get stops! They couldn’t get to the free throw line enough to beat Vandy.

Now out hogs need to just win at Missouri and gain ground in the conference standings. Saturday is a big day!
LSU @ Auburn. Both ahead of us.
Kentucky @ Tennessee (same)
Texas A&M @ S Carolina. (Same)
Florida @ Ole Miss. (Fl )
Hogs @ Missouri
Bama @ Georgia
Vandy @ Miss St

I would not want to face Vandy right now! That Auburn loss hurts right now bad! We could be in real good shape for a top 4 seed if that was a “W”.
Short handed these next 9 games will be rough.

What happened to LSU is Maxwell Evans got hot from the 3 like he had never before. He couldn’t miss. His first few threes were in your face. It soon became contagious and snowballed on LSU. Pippen wouldn’t miss midrange jumpers, Saben Lee kept driving and finding the hoop.

LSU offense is very good and they stayed with a hot Vandy, but in the end having won every close game in the last month caught up with them. They didn’t get that missed shot or a turnover from Vandy or a clutch shot of their own.

Evans got hot and neither team played much defense.

The refs tried to save LSU they Failed to call a 5th foul on Mays 3 different times? Mays Charged clearly charged going to the basket and it was called a block, on defense he undercut a Vandy player going to the hole no call and he hammered Pippen several more times with no call. LSU failed to play defense and Vandy finally got a few breaks by making shots. When LSU took a 3 point lead Vandy just made plays to retake the lead!
If you take away the points LSU got at the free throw line they would have lost by 20! The key to beating LSU is too keep them off the free throw line! They got rebounds by being over the back but most of the rebounds were really long! I’m glad to see this loss by LSU.

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