Looks like there’s something of an ASU v. UA type “rivalry” in Louisiana. LSU beat ULL in OT in the first round of the NIT. The ULL coach thinks the game should have been played at ULL with ULL being the higher seed. LSU’s coach (Wade) went after him in post game interview. I understand where he’s coming from. Apparently ULL has designated itself the “other” major program in Louisiana.

By the way, how did ULL become “Louisiana”? It joined ULM in becoming the University of Louisiana system 10-15 years ago. Before then, they were both directional schools. Now ULL has dropped the second “L” started calling itself “Louisiana.” Apparently the media has gone along with it. (Here in Arkansas the UA can’t even be “Arkansas” anymore. At least not according to the ADG at Little Rock. We have to be the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.) (I know. Dead horse. But it still pisses me off.)

The school is still U of Louisiana at Lafayette, but for athletic purposes they want to be known as UL. Similar to UALR going as Little Rock for athletic purposes.

All nine of the Loozana state-supported schools that aren’t under the LSU umbrella are governed by a separate board of trustees. At some point that transitioned to a University of Louisiana group. Grambling, Southern, etc., are also in the UL system.

Not exactly. They’re grabbing the whole of Louisiana for their athletics name. They just sorta grabbed it. I understand Monroe doesn’t like it. I don’t blame them. If ULL just wanted “Lafayette” as UALR just wants Little Rock, I could understand it. But the state name is generally (everywhere except Ohio & now Louisiana, apparently) reserved for the main school in the state. The one that’s been there forever. It just seems strange & presumptuous to me.

Of course it’s presumptuous. So is “Little Rock”. That’s a GSD-inspired choice at a school without a football team.

University of Louisiana football does have some cinematic history. Bobby Boucher dispensed “high quality H2O” to the UL Cougars before he was fired as a disruptive force in the movie “The Waterboy”, and later got his revenge.