LSU under investigation by the feds

For mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations. Also an assistant AD is filing a lawsuit against the school and its law firm charging that they conspired to cover up the charges and retaliate against her for reporting them.

This is outside NCAA purview, but it isn’t a good look for a school already facing NCAA charges in both football and basketball.


They need to go down - I can only hope Will Wade gets the hammer one of these days, what a slimeball

Most important right now is get to the bottom of sexual assaults cases and cover ups. Charges need to be filed and heads roll.
This is Baylor Deja-Vu.

And now there is a lawsuit:

Yep, I mentioned that suit in the OP but now it’s official.

I vaguely remember ole Les flirting with the on field reporter during an interview on game day. At least that’s how some took it.

Breaks my heart to see the Tigers in deep poop…

And in case you’re wondering, Muss has an SEC non-compete clause. LSU can’t come after him if they have to fire SAO for making SAOs.

Coach Ogeron not in the clear either.