LSU tried to Out-Leach the Pirate

I see many Tiger fans are blaming the MSU upset of LSU on DC Bo Pelini which is only half true. LSU completely abandoned the run even though their 3 RB’s were averaging nearly 4.3 yards per touch. (27 total rushing attempts) compared to nearly 50 passing attempts by their QB.

LSU ran 10 more offensive plays than Mike Leach Offense (71 total)

I suspect MSU will get a heavy dose of Rakeem Boyd & Treylon Smith with Trey Burks on Jet-Sweeps.

This will give Derrick LeBlanc’s Defensive Linemen some rest if Arkansas can average 4+ yds per carry as LSU’s RB did.

Your not going to shutdown the Pirate so I hope people don’t get frustrated by the 40+ 3yd - 5yd completions underneath after Costello has went through his progressions. Arkansas will try to keep everything underneath because thats what every teams gameplan vs Leach the past 20 years since Texas Tech.giphy

Agreed. And, it’s Trelon Smith, Treylon Burks and Trey Knox. That’s just the editor in me.


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