LSU temporary SEC Champs

Well for now they are the #seed for the Tournamnet .
LSU 16-2 in confercne 26-5 overall
How long will it take for the decision to made to vacate 26 wins and take away the conference title.
Holding Smart out tonight I light or the FBI probe and Reed for injury which I donut buy! I think they have at least 4 players that paid to play. Waters. Reed, Days and Smart! Time will tell but the intern coach better be getting a newspaper and start looking for a job. It may be hard because birds of a feather flock together. He’s connected to this great recruiting.

The only one we know he bought is Smart, who sat out tonight, so tonight wouldn’t be voided. So they may wind up 1-17 in the SEC. But you’re right that the two kids from the Northeast look a little fishy.

As with most of these things, it will take a long time.

2 from the northeast and 1 from Florida.
I also don’t buy Reed sat out because of injury!

They are the SEC pro division champs. Kentucky second. Aubrun third. Miss Steak 4th.

Why won’t LSU just announce a post season ban and get it over with? The NCAA may not do anything in the next 5 years and it won’t affect the kids that are guilty. That’s the part that stinks!
Auburn is in the same boat, right with Kansas, Arizona will eventually get hammered as well.

i guess i’m just naive and blunt…wish one of these damn tv announcers would just come out and state thats things are rotten in Batron Rouge;Auburn ;Lexington;and Starksville instead of talking about "adversity"that these teams have had to face…i call BS on that…just my opinion…

NCAA does not do anything quickly. If LSU is excluded, it will be because they excluded themselves. Which is possible given that they have suspended Wade and benched Smart.

I concur. What’s the point in making him sit? It’s not going to change anything. If I’m LSU, I just go all in. The deed has been done.

If they were going to go all in, why suspend Wade and sit Smart? That would be the Auburn thing to do, to go all in. I suspect that this suspension is just a prelude to termination, as it was when Louisville suspended Pitino for Hookergate.

I agree. The “facing adversity” makes it sound like it’s something out of their control that happened to them like a hurricane or virus. These teams are getting caught cheating. If there are some innocent kids, well, I feel for them, but coaches & players who know the rules & break them aren’t facing adversity when they’re getting exposed. They’re facing consequences.

I have never heard anybody on TV at a game, and rarely a studio talking head, come right out and say a school is cheating. If they did in this case, every parish in Louisiana would explode, and they don’t want to deal with that. Even if it’s the truth. It was rare enough for Jay Bilas to say he doesn’t know why it took LSU so long to suspend Wade.

Vital even jumped and made a statement how what Wade did was wrong! He ought to add his buddies to the list. Kansas, Duke, Kentucky and Arizona.
We all know it’s rigged. From refs to seeding to opponents. They want the money and ratings. The NCAA could care less or they wouldn’t have turned a blind eye on all of the corrupt schools and allow this to go on for so long. They wouldn’t allow coaches who cheat to continue to be allowed to coach. They show just how weak they are with punishment as well.
Stop vacating wins! Make them all forfeits!
If the NCAA had any form of authority they would not allow LSU to play in the NCAA tournament. The Sec should not allow them to play in the SEC tournament.
Vandy shouldn’t be 0-18 in confercne play.
They are really 2-16.
Their confercne record should be 0-18.
Years ago NC State got hammered over a lot less than what LSU has done. I will be suprised if they ever get a post season ban.