LSU suspends Wade

If players were paid and it certainly looks that way, where did the money come from. Find the booster or the funding arm and ban them as a supporter. Find the money trail. Then get rid of the players that accepted it.

And if they lost a player because the other school had a better offer, then the school the kid signed with should be investigated also. ASAP. Clean it up.

Could be a booster, could be a shoe company, could be an agent.

Watch players transfer out of LSU after this season. Probably the paid ones will to and try to distance themselves from LSU.
But to late.

The thing that gets me is how media acts like it a ho hum no big deal. Golic and Wingo acted like he gave out a pair of socks, not a bag of cash. They said it happens all the time and has forever. It may be true but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

If it took all that work to get a lesser player in their backyard it makes you wonder what it took to get 2 National Top 40 guys like Tremont Waters and Naz Reid from Connecticut and New Jersey.

It was probably Wade just outworking everyone.

He learned his hard work ethic from Calapari