LSU suspends Wade

What a suprise.

Time to start looking for the NBA job :sunglasses: … 1c806.html

Bold move.

The right one because there is so much more out there and they know it.

LSU did the right thing. I am shocked.

This is getting interesting.

My only issue is many of the pundits are clouding the water by implying that paying the kids will stop the cheating. If the kids get paid, the NCAA will set the amount, otherwise they are not in control and the big time programs with the most money would have such advantage (which I doubt the NCAA really minds that much, as long as it is the right programs skirting the rules). So if theoretically the current rate is zero, and different programs are upping the ante, what happens when the established rate is $12000 per year? Won’t many of these same programs use their access to money to up the ante, again?

Wonder if they’re about to suspend Smart as well

Well really what difference does it make! Vacate or forfeit 25 wins already so what’s a few more. They may but the kid will have to admit it! I think there are 4 or 5 paid players on the LSU team.
My real question is what is Kansas waiting on to do something with Bill Self?

I wonder if Barry Booker would like a do over on his Coach of The Year pick? Very disappointed in Barry for playing along with the See No Evil crowd.

I’m shocked that Booker did that as well. Booker is one of my favorite analyst on the SEC Network, he usually calls it like it is, but with the LSU situation, you’re right he acted oblivious to it.

Back to the topic at hand, I can’t believe LSU actually did something to Willy “Hold on, Let me shut this door” Wade I thought they would do an Auburn and ride it out and suffer the consequences later. I actually have a tiny bit of respect for their university now… wait nm, no I don’t. :smiley:

Nah, if he doesn’t survive this at LSU he’s done coaching period. He’ll be like Donnie Tyndal, never to be heard from again. He hasn’t done enough like a Calapari or Pitino for an NBA team to be interested. He’s been to 1 NCAA tournament in 5 years as a head coach and never won a game there. Unless something drastic changes he’s not going to get to coach in the NCAA season this year either. Wade messed up, he tried to do too much too soon, you gotta do small stuff first, build your name up, then you go hardcore cheating with the big bucks. He went straight with trying to deal with the big boys, and made a target on his back with so many good players he got in a short time frame.

I think he’s done at LSU…this has blown wide open. He can get a job as some kinda assistant, consultant, scout, etc. Yeah,
he is not going to be a HC anywheres for awhile. Depends how determined, tough and resilient he is, people have comeback from worse. In the long run…he could make it back.

*Do a search on Tyndall, he’s working.

Wade must be a control freak & untrusting of anyone else. Usually it’s an assistant coach or a non coach who is associated with the program or a booster that does the dirty work to keep the HC clean when all hell breaks lose so that HC can just move along & get hired by the next “honest program”.
Maybe these wiretaps caught the early stages of the pay for play process before it gets handed over to the scapegoats.

I think he was and is just an arrogant ass that thought he was too smart to ever be caught. You could tell that by his language. He certainly had no idea that was going to come back on him. Not too bright!

There is no target on his back. He just happened to talk to the wrong guy who had the FBI target on HIS back; if he’d called someone outside the FBI investigation we’d never know it. LSU players are acting like it’s a vendetta.

When he appears in federal court he could be just as guilty of the same crimes the others have already be convicted of. I doubt he would be considered employable at that point.
He’s just stupid!

Why would he not expect to get away with it? Remember it was the FBI and not NCAA, or SEC that caught him. The NCAA and Power Five Conferences have all but broadcasted thier Three Monkey’s stance in regards to cheating. As long as your one of the Blue Bloods. Too big to fail.

LSU is not a blueblood in basketball. I do think one thing that may be needed is the coaches like Mike who are doing things the right way need to be turning in the Will Wades of the world. If Mike is turning them in, my apologies. NCAA enforcement has more than it can handle by a long shot, with 353 D-I programs, many of them blatantly cheating (and that’s just basketball, never mind the Gus Malzahns of the world). They don’t have enough investigators and never will.

Calling those Cajuns in south Louisiana “bluebloods” is an insult to them. They are about as far as you can get from being a blueblood.

I am not sure if I have ever heard LSU and “blueblood” used in the same sentence. That may be a first. There is a first time for everything.

LSU would qualify as a blueblood in football and baseball. Hoops, not so much