LSU Students

Just saw them holding up signs that say “Free Will Wade”. Now that’s funny right there…

Denial is more than a river in Egypt.

We can’t judge too hard, we had a portion of our fan base defending Pitrino when he was riding around town with his girlfriend and having the UofA paying her salary. Some people put winning above everything else.

When Wade ends up with a prison sentence of his own he made need to be freed.

Just saw on Iowa State board that if Wade is forced out Steve Prohm (Iowa State) would one of their top choices.

Prison? What federal or state crime did he commit?

Why not Chris Beard?

Willing party to the same fraud the handlers and shoe guy are guilty of!
If you take someone to the bank and they rob it and they come back get in the car and you drive away are you guilty?
Same thing!
Will Wade and several more Head Coaches are just as guilty as the one already convicted. It won’t suprise me to see him get charged.
The college that have sued for damages might as well add their head coaches to list
And get some cash back from them.
This is far from over.