LSU Smart

LSU has interviewed Smart and his mom and submitted the paperwork to the NCAA to get him back on the court to play. He traveled with the team to Nashville.
What a joke. They also would like to keep Will Wade as their head coach if he hasn’t done anything wrong!

We know he’s done something wrong, and so does he. That’s why he wouldn’t talk to Alleva the other day, because the NCAA was also going to be there. His attorney told Alleva in a letter that Wade will not meet with Alleva until the Southern District of New York finishes its investigation. Which could take months or years.

Would be interesting to see how this move by wade effects his buyou, which supposedly is $10 million. LSU won’t have access to the feds info until they are done so wouldn’t that hinder LSU being able to fire wade for cause? Will be fun to watch this play out.

Wade is going to be called to testify in the trial next month – for the defense, which means he won’t have immunity. Perjury would not be good for his career prospects, but neither would telling the truth. I guess he try to could cite the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer, although that would be interesting given that buying players isn’t illegal under the law but is an NCAA violation. I don’t think you can plead the Fifth to keep from losing your job.

I have 0 confidence that the NCAA will do anything let alone the right thing in this matter. To them it will be water off a duck’s back

Wade lied earlier this year and said he has never had any dealings with Dawkins.
It’s pretty obvious they have cause to fire him now without paying him his buyout when he refuses to talk to you! The wiretaps prove he has dealings with Dawkins. The Calipari want to be didn’t have a bag man to do his dirty work and got caught. He also made the statement he has made deals for a lot of other players!
In my opinion Will Wade violated the same laws that the shoe guys and agents did. Willing party to the crime. Just like Sean Miller and Bill Self. If the NCAA fails to show any type of control they might as well close their doors.

2 things here:

  1. Since as Army posted above, Wade is already on record saying he never had contact with Dawkins (he lied to his bosses) can that fall into the “fired for cause” area?

  2. Can the defense (since they are calling Wade to testify) ask the judge to clear the courtroom so the media and LSU admin can’t be in there. Wouldn’t that protect Wade’s personal interest, that way he doesn’t have to plead the fifth or lie under oath, and LSU would be none the wiser?

Any lawyers care to weigh in?

There are all kinds of things Wade could be fired for cause about: Buying Smart, trying to buy the kid who went to Florida State, lying to his bosses…

I don’t think the judge would grant that request to clear the courtroom to protect a cheater’s million dollar job, but I’m not an attorney so I’ll defer to Chip or one of our other legal eagles on that.

Ask Bobby Petrino if lying to your boss then trying to clean it up later saves your job?
Although like Wade here there are some more underlying causes here to warrant termination with cause.
As for the court room, I believe that would stay open to the public & media. But never know which side a judge will rule.