LSU sits Smart...

Another surprise.

That should also mean 25 forfeits or vacated wins to come. Along with the SEC title

Like he is the only player on LSU’s team getting paid!
Or just the only subject discussed in the wire taps?

Not all the guilty are caught, but that doesn’t imply the guilty should not be punished when they are caught.

Please tell me these cheaters are not going to be allowed into the big dance! :evil:

They’ll get invited. Nothing can be “proven” in the time before the tournament starts. Now, the administration can decline the invite, but that’s a lot shot.

I have to give Joe Alleva credit. Suspended Wade and benched Smart. It won’t help with the 25 wins he was ineligible to play in, but being proactive is wise (I almost said Smart). It helps avoid the lack of institutional control charge. The previous wiretapped conversation was about a kid they didn’t sign (he signed with Florida State in October), so they couldn’t bench him.

I agree with you Swine but they probably have 2 or 3 more playing that got paid also. Wade admitted on the tape that he had made deals with other players that were a lot easier. Wade may be done for good.

I saw a report that Naz Reid is out as well due to injuries sustained during the Florida game on Wednesday. Not that LSU will need him to beat Vandy, but it adds to the rough 30-plus hours down there.