LSU series will be a tough one

It’s unusual that we play LSU with them being the ones with their backs to the wall, so to speak. More often, it’s us coming in having to do well down the stretch to secure a place in the NCAA Tournament. This year, that is the position LSU is in.

As I type this, LSU is 26-19 overall and 10-11 in SEC play, with an RPI of 53. That puts them squarely on the “bubble”. They will make - or miss - the Tournament based on what they do these last 3 weeks. LSU is a deservedly proud baseball program, and I expect to see their best effort on this home-stand. We should not be “afraid” of them, but it will take a focused effort to win this series.

Beyond the X’s and O’s, they seem to be a little in our head recently, what with all of the Rally-possum shenanigans and the ways we have lost to them the last couple of years. This promises to be an entertaining series. I expect it to have a NCAA regional atmosphere.

LSU has a slightly better record than MSU, and a much better “home” record than does MSU. The Hogs did not fare well at MSU as road wins have been tough to accomplish for this Hog unit…and now our pitching is beginning to falter.

Should be a dogfight.

Let’s hope we expended our quota on walks for the next 3 weeks. lol


Let’s hope we expended our quota on walks for the next 3 weeks. lol

[/quote]It was a nasty 6 hitter, though.

I hate the corndogs. That is all.

A couple of people on the night shift at my current place of employment wear Corndog hats to work. Might be a little friendly banter between us this weekend.

I have jinxed the rally possum

Go Hogs!

Unfortunately, I’m afraid our losing against LSU in baseball isn’t so recent. I think our all time conference record is pretty dismal against em.

Hopefully we can go down there and take it to em, give ourselves a fresh kick-start from here through Omaha.

I do not expect us to win a game in this series. Hope I’m wrong.

Get to their bullpen early and we will be fine…

Anyone have the game time Saturday at LSU?

Game times for the LSU series are 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday.

LSU does not match up well with Arkansas, in my opinion, because its bullpen is not strong. The only teams with worse ERAs in the SEC are Tennessee and Kentucky.

Perhaps Arkansas’ pitchers struggle again and LSU can win the series with some high-scoring games, but I like Arkansas’ chances to win two of three.

we will win 2/3 or sweep provided we can hit with RISP this has been the main way we usually lose. LSU seems to come up with pure luck against us to be honest with those 2 big comebacks.

their crowd will be on us bigtime trying to remind us of that, they have the best fans as far as intimidation IMO they don’t just sit back and wait for something to happen they try to Make something happen by distracting the other team(wished ours would do that).I just hope Knight and Murphy can get back on track and not give up the HR ball…still don’t really have a 3rd starter so we don’t need the series coming down to that game but I think we will win 2/3

If we can win the first two, I’ll be more than happy to take our chances on that 3rd game. Knowing we have the win will make it fun watching us go for the sweep on Sunday.

yes just don’t want the series depending on us winning Sunday.

Throw strikes and don’t kick the ball around like a soccer match!