My wife bought us tickets to the LSU game for Valentines Day. Flying to Baton Rouge that morning. I THOUGHT she loved me :smiley: . Anyplace special to see while we are there?

I would say Mike the Tiger’s Enclosure

But I am not sure they have a new Mike yet, since the last one passed away

I wish I could help. I’ve been to Baton Rouge several times, but always in and out on the same day and never experienced the city. The tiger is exhibit on campus is great, but I don’t think they have a live one in there right now.

As an old LSU grad (76), but hog fan first and foremost, I suggest a walk around the campus, as it is/was very nice. The layout of the campus center is very similar to Standford’s in architecture. The student union overlooks the parade grounds. A little known fact is that Mike the Tiger’s cage was the first air conditioned building on campus. They had their priorities. The football stadium at one time housed thousands of male students. I lived in west and south stadium when I was there. It was the only college with dormitories in a football stadium for decades. If you are into history, the state capitol where Huey Long was assassinated is open to the public. The bullet holes by the elevator are still there. It is rumored he was actually killed by shots from his bodyguards as they opened fire on the guy that was trying to kill him.

Gotta go eat at some great restaurants while there. My wife’s family lived in Baton Rouge so I’ve been going down there for almost 25 years.

  1. Agree with campus comments. It’s neat & big. Mike the tigers place is right by the basketball house, but I don’t know about the replacement tiger either.
  2. Mike Andersons for supper–really good seafood.
  3. Coffee Call for beignets & cafe au lait. Get the beignet fingers–I could spend all day in this place.
  4. If you’re there for couple nights, several of the New Orleans restaurants have opened in Baton Rouge(Dragos, Acme Oyster House, etc) & are really good.

Just remember one thing-- the traffic in Baton Rouge is terrible, so allow extra time driving around. I love visiting Baton Rouge, but I wouldn’t want to live down there because of the traffic.