LSU reinstated Will Wade

I get why LSU re-instated him. As of now he’s denied it and there is nothing concrete to the contrary.

It helps LSU in the long-run to go this route. If more poo comes out, they can argue that the school did its best to exercise institutional control. That argument is helped even more if it turns out Wade sat in the room with the AD and NCAA enforcement people and lied about the wrongdoing.

Wade had little to lose with this meeting. If there is no damning evidence, he goes back to coaching. If some solid evidence does come out, he was likely going to get a show-cause order anyway, so his college coaching career would have been put on hiatus for several years. He gets paid-for now- and the lawyer fees go way down.

The most honest guy on that campus is the bagman…

All the above is correct as far as the “innocent until proven guilty” mantra per our justice system.
Now the FBI being the most thorough investigative organization in the world doesn’t (shouldnt) toot their horn without having all their ducks in a row. So one would assume when it’s court time and all sworn affidavits and subpoenas and plea deals are in place and hearings start taking place, the public, the programs, and NCAA will come to know “who” exactly was on the other end of each wiretapped phone conversation and exactly “what” each conversation was about, and “where” any money transactions took place.
However per our justice system, some of the defendants involved could be retired by the time this all takes place with delays, motions, etc.

Kentucky, Bama, Auburn, LSU, etc. have always cheated and have been, mostly, very good at not getting caught and very, very, good at slinking away scotfree when they do get caught. Wade is in trouble with LSU because he was stupid on the phone and got caught, not because he orchestrated a pay for play scheme. They are tickled pink at how successful basketball is again and are eager to get away with more to keep it going. They are playing the “pretend to care (when the opposite is really true) about institutional control or NCAA rules” game and will probably succeed.

Remember Johnny Manziel flaunting the fact that “he got paid for his autographs while still a collegian and the NCAA didn’t dare touch him because his family had the money to wear them out in court.” Nothing happened because the NCAA doesn’t care about cheating since most of its most powerful members do it often and well. It goes back to John Wooden’s dynasty being bought and paid for by an LA booster, to Kentucky’s hundred dollar handshakes in the 50’s, and beyond. There is nothing surprising happening at LSU at all. JMVVVVVHO.