LSU recruits?

Now that Will Wade is out, I was curious if Arkansas was involved with any of LSU’s basketball recruits? I believe they signed a McDonald’s All-American from the same prep school as Jordan Walsh. I wonder if there would be any interest there or any of the others they signed?

Will be interesting to see what LSU players end up in transfer portal with the possibility of NCAA sanctions meaning no NCAAT next year

Some very good young guys like Brandon Murray and Efton Reid (and of course Eason but I suspect he is NBA bound)

Reid would be a great fit.

Likely way too early to gauge that, especially not knowing who the new head coach will be.

I have seen LSU signee Julian Phillips (6-8, 200) of Link Academy and commit Yohan Traore (6-10, 225) of Dream City Christian in Glendale, Arizona, both play this season.

Both are fantastic.

LSU only has two signees and the one commit.

The problem is there is going to have to be some roster management just to fit in the signees (and Anthony Black (?) before adding anybody else.

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Traore would be a nice get, but probably a long shot.

My question would be how many of the LSU signees and commits have been given cash, cars, homes and whatever else already.


After this season and the lack of depth that can help win games there will be plenty of roster changes.

I don’t think that will be an issue, I believe minimum of 8 guys leaving possibly nine

If 9 guys left, that would leave 3 returnees and 5 guys coming in - so you would have an 8-man team.

I assume you are counting Notae, Wade, Lykes , Umude and Toney, who could come back.

I don’t see Vanover, both of the Robinsons and Moore ALL leaving.

I don’t see Kamani leaving.

Why would Chance Moore redshirt here this season and then go sit out a year somewhere else?

Why would Jackson Robinson - who skipped his senior year of high school - leave and automatically become a junior somewhere else after having to sit out next year?


I’m sure in the next month there will be folks making decisions about next year!
If your on the team and not playing what would you do!
I look at it this way. J Williams, Toney and Devo! Those 3 should be back.
Then add next years incoming class.
Who knows from there.

Ok Dudley, several people have asked me on pm what I’m talking about, so I’m gonna answer you, so everyone can see:

Obviously, Umude, Wade, and Lykes are gone. They have all exhausted their eligibility. That’s 3.

Muss has never been a coach that encouraged kids to come back if there is an opportunity for them to make money (I think that’s a good thing from a recruit’s point of view, especially blue chippers like NSJ). We have two guys that at a minimum can play overseas next year: JD (who you said you don’t expect back), and Toney (personally I’d like to see him return). So, now we are at 5.

After their last game at BWA, the aforementioned SR’s who exhausted their eligibility thanked the fans, so did Kamani Johnson. I may have read to much into his tweet, but it sure looked like he was saying goodbye to the fans. That’s 6. (Him leaving opens up a spot for Black).

Now for the rest. The Vanover experiment failed. I believe Muss encourages him to drop down to a mid major (like ASWho). I think Muss understands the kid has potential, but not in Muss’ system. A change of scenery will help him tremendously. That’s 7. KK, I love KK and actually thought the last few times he played that he’s finally gotten back to the form we saw in HS. But, if we get Black, along with NSJ, they’re better than KK was in HS, and both can play the point. I think a change of scenery would do him good as well. That’s 8.

Now, not gonna lie, Moore was the 9th guy, but I actually thought he played in some games, I thought in basketball if you played at all it counted against your red-shirt.

As for whose left, I do think Muss has his eyes on some transfers. Especially, some “bigs”.

I was under the impression that the NCAA had amended the rule to allow four games in basketball as well.

That;s how many Chance has played in with his last action being at Georgia.

I’ll check on that.

As for Kamani, I asked him in November if he was planning on playing two years here and he said yes.

Obviously he could have changed his mind.

I just don’t think all leave or the head coach runs everybody off.

if nine were not to be back, that would leave five spots available. Seems like bringing in 10 new guys would be a lot.

I don’t think they got around to changing the redshirt rule yet; if so Moore will be a soph next year.

I thought I saw something that Muss wished he hadn’t encouraged a couple of the guys to leave, that Tate in particular was having trouble getting into pro ball. Tate signed with a German team but I don’t think he lasted very long. Justin is playing for the Raptors G League team, getting 22 minutes a game.

With NIL you’re often going to be better off financially staying in college than going to G League or signing with a low level international team

I’m not convinced Devo will be returning to Arkansas next season.

“Tate in particular was having trouble getting into pro ball.”

Man, I hate to hear that for Jalen. My favorite player on that elite 8 Hog team.

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So do you guys have anyone returning or is it going to be just a new 13? :grinning:


Right now there’s nothing to report on Arkansas and the LSU kids. Might change? Maybe.

Any other schools?

You’re asking about kids in the portal?