LSU pitching

Wonder who all they have available, I hope Hilliard isn’t available, he wore us out with his sinker.

It is probably going to be Zack Hess, the usual Friday starter. Hilliard pitched a couple of days ago.

So Hilliard isnt available?

I figured it would be Hess. Going to be a tough game because he throws a lot of breaking balls. He shouldn’t be able to do the whole game assume they will then turn it over to Peterson just hope Campbell is on his game we can get three or four and pull it out

He threw 97 pitches Wednesday night. I don’t see any way that he would pitch today.

Ok thx Matt.

Fingers crossed!!

Like I said earlier about their luck

How can it work out where they don’t get a bye, lose a game in double elimination bracket, and somehow have their Friday night starter to go against our third guy?

may very well work in our favor he will be throwing on 3 days rest so we can hope he won’t be sharp.I just hope Campbell can give us 6 innings.

Or that we score so many runs it won’t matter.

They can throw anybody they have and we should beat LSU.