LSU pitching

I’ve been looking into and reading about the Tigers’ pitching staff this morning. It has been a rough year for that group.

LSU will be without freshman starter Cole Henry this week. He hasn’t pitched since he struck out 12 vs. Florida on April 19. … rt-arkans/

The Tigers have a 4.55 ERA and do not have any left-handed pitchers on their staff this year. Maybe the stat that jumped out most to me: teams are 75 of 87 stealing bases vs. LSU.

This worries me even more.

All the reason to think we would beat them, which historically seems to blow up in our face.

Matt that is a huge loss for them because Henry is going to be a draftable pitcher and is capable of shutting down anybody. We should be okay if we were just take advantage of opportunities did they give us that is the key in my opinion. Hess is very capable as we all know so I wouldn’t be surprised if he pitches lights out against us.
Eric Walker has not pitched well at all this year but he absolutely owned us in 2017 beat us three times I believe and I don’t remember us going more than two runs in any of those games so hopefully this year’s group will fare much better than they did.

Last 3 years…0-3 series…W/L 2-7.

Time for some payback :sunglasses:

I remember how much I disliked him last year. Something about the way he strutted around the mound after getting the batter out.

I’d really love to sweep those people.

I would like to see Walker start and get pulled giving up 4 or 5 runs with. O outs and the bases juiced! I just don’t like LSU.

I feel pain coming their way…