LSU pitcher thinks he may have been tipping pitches

Possibly why three got mashed for homers.

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This team would still be batting if they knew the pitch in advance… it’s not like we don’t lead the SEC in home runs. Maybe LSU shouldn’t eat the possum if they want to rally late.

I found the comments funny. The coach gave the credit where credit was due. The pitcher, not so much. He pitched a good game. If his hand was being tipped, then why only 6 hits? Take the loss and move on.

Sore loser!

When I was a young man, a wise older mentor told me, “There ain’t no excuses!

:roll: :roll: :roll: yeah right you throw chest high FB on the inner half they get crushed by this team deal with it!

That was as dumb a comment as I’ve ever heard. At least in light of the number of hits we had. The only tip I got from him was that he’d just struck out a batter every time he circled the mound.

I listened to the game on the radio (driving to visit my new granddaughter) and Phil talked about the scouting report the Hogs had on Hess. His pattern and tendencies were predictable to a fault. So maybe it was just a great job by our coaches knowing what to expect. Hess has a power fastball and a wipe out slider, so sometimes knowing the pitch won’t help because he can still beat you one on one. We finally won enough battles to sit him down and win the game.

Let them think that. I hope they really believe it. We’re in their head. That only bodes well for the rest of the series.

He’s probably just embarrassed that all of his stomping around was for naught.

Most of Arkansas’ hits against him came late in the count. That speaks less to tipping pitches and more to scouting a pitcher’s out-pitch tendencies.

What Matt said. :smiley:

They’re like Bama in FB and UK in hoops. In their minds it’s never that they just got beaten. There’s always an excuse.

It’s pretty well known now that the Astros figured out that Yu Darvish was tipping pitches in the World Series last year. They were able to figure out when he WASN’T throwing the fastball, because he would re-grip the ball as he brought it into his glove for everything but the heat, and Houston hit .556 against him when swinging against his other pitches. It does sound like Hess has good stuff and sometimes he can beat you when you know what’s coming, but when you do know, it’s obviously an advantage. I don’t know that it’s an excuse for him. If he is tipping, he needs to fix that.