LSU PF hoops commit Yohan Traore reopens his recruiting

Traore is a 6-11, 227-pound 5-star power forward from Glendale (Ariz.) Dream City Christian.

Arkansas, Memphis, Gonzaga, Texas Tech, Michigan and Kansas were some of his other schools.

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lsu’s recruiting class is being gutted…everyone basically de-committing from the Tigers

Looking bad for our Tiger friends

The On3 article made it sound as though the Hogs were in the 3rd tier of schools he was looking at

I would go more with….has been gutted…. :crazy_face:

I am enjoying every minute of it too, especially with my next door neighbor being a huge LSUPEEWWWW fan!


Heck….they may have guys hit the portal as well too!!!

Would be a very interesting addition if we had a spot and the kid wanted to come.

Come join the party! Going to be a lot of fun

Lots of speculation that both the main LSU guys end up at Auburn

Yeah I had read Auburn got him. Guess we will see… you would think they’d want to come somewhere they actually going to be coached

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From coaches wife writing the checks to the Auburn bagman paying cash. Simple…


LSU made their bed here so sleep in it. Wouldn’t be in this spiral now if their admin had done the right thing 2 years ago. Firing a crooked coach instead of the AD then.

Geez, are all of LSU’s de-commits going to end up at Auburn? Figures. Well, whatever. If these kids want to play for a guy who’s more con artist than coach, it’s their right I guess.

Guess I missed it, who all is going to Auburn?

Missed it to. Crystal balls or direct input from the players.

Get paid by Auburn before Pearl gets fired, then decommit again.:smile:

Traore is Auburn-bound. Couple of another ex-LSUers looking Pearl’s way.

No big deal. Pearl had another 6’ 10" freshman better than Traore and we beat them. We are in the Sweet Sixteen while Auburn sitting at home.


According to Sports Illustrated, Traore is looking at Auburn, Texas Tech, Gonzaga or Michigan.

Pearl is just like a vulture swooping down to pick the flesh off of LSU’s carcass. He has a lot of time on his hands these days.