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Reading one writer’s opinion of the five best candidates for the opening, giving reasons of why they might seek the job and reasons they would stay at their current university. One of the five is Kiffin and while they basically said LSU is a far better job than Ole Miss, thus a reason to pursue, they said a reason he might not pursue the job is that he and Ole Miss are a perfect culture match. Not sure who should be offended by this insult, Joey Freshwater or Ole Miss!

I can tell you that LSU culture is a zoo right now. You have to guess what will come of the NCAA investigation at LSU. And where the two schools will be placed in scheduling by the SEC. Who knows?

They deserve each other. I hope the Pirate hangs 60 on them.
I do think he would jump tomorrow if LSU offered. I also think that there is a strong likelihood that Florida will be in the market and Kiffin would win big in Gainesville. He would fit better in Florida than he does in Mississippi. Sunshine and football studs galore.

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Gainesville is not Boca Raton. Not sure how Kiffin fits at UF.

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His persona fits Florida 9-1 over Misisip. He knows the talent is deep in Florida and they actually win championships there.

So true. Even though I lived in Boca Raton 11 years, and loved it, there is no comparison between Gainesville and Boca. Gainesville actually has people living there with “Southern” characteristics and values. Boca is more South geographically, but the population is closer to Northeasterner values and characteristics.

I still remember what my first employer in Florida told me, when I told him I was from Arkansas. He said, “you do know that you aren’t living in the South here I hope. You have to drive about 200 miles north to find the South.”


Ole Miss got Kiffin and I’m proud.
Who cares where he coaches. I’m just glad we had Coach Pittman!!

Jimbo weighs in with a quote that won’t make the Corndogs too happy.

Interesting. My only “source” just predicted today it would be Jimbo.

No matter where Kiffin goes his biggest obstacle will be Lane Kiffin, at times it seems to me that he can’t get out of his own way. WPS

I just want them to hire someone who will screw it up.

Hopefully they don’t stumble into Mel Tucker.

I think Gainesville is a great town. I love it (other than the obvious). While I agree with the overall sentiment that you have to drive north to get south (I live Palm Beach county near the coast), I’ve found that a jaunt straight inland not too too far will also get you into the real south.

I’m west of you in the acreage now and while it is definitely more redneck-y out here, still not really southern.

Yeah, his 200 miles was a bit exaggerated. I felt that about the North end of Lake Okeechobee was where the South started. That’s closer to 100 miles from Ft Lauderdale.

You’re both right. I probably should have said “a taste” of the south. :slight_smile:

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