LSU officially hires Orgeron.


Interesting, wonder if Aranda (sp) stays on.

Wonderful news!

I love Coach O but I don’t see him being better than Les.

We’ll see.

Agree - just like with the decision to retain Miles last year LSU has made another emotion based decision.

I expect Nick Saban is chortling over this Bayou bungle.

going after kiffin for oc

im diggin it for them

interesting move though

I’ve read and heard (TV) that Aranda wants to stay at LSU. If so, and Ogeron can find a great OC/QB coach, I don’t think he will embarrass LSU.

Like Les, Coach O is a great recruiter, most likely even better. He may even be a better head coach.

And if he up dates the offense and can sign good QBs along with everything else available to LSU in La, south east Tx, and Fla, he will do just fine, IMO.

I think he knows he is not the choice of the admin but they got forced into by players/circumstances and the fact they can’t get Herman. However, Coach O knows he is not the choice of admin, will be on a short leash and MUST produce or he will give them a reason to show him the door which is what they wanted to do in the first place. Coach O will feel the pressure and will cut corners and will probably take some risks on players who may have character issues. Coach O is not necessarily a disciplinarian.

I am glad they didn’t get Herman. I think that O will get them in trouble but he won’t have to cheat like he did at OM. LSU has so much talent that he won’t have to cheat much.

This hire does mean UT is going to fire Strong and open the flood gates at UT

lot of implications associated with this move.

I personally think this could be good news for the rest of the league. It is one thing to be a competent first mate that pilots the ship safely back to harbor after the crew has thrown the hated captain overboard while at high seas. It is another to be the captain responsible for every little detail, including planning, maintenance, and discipline.

He has twice been successful as the first mate, and once been spectacularly unsuccessful as the full time captain.

It may be easier to be a captain of the ship at LSU than OM, but being a captain anywhere is infinently harder than being a first mate. Just sayin…