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Just read the comments. I will be shocked if we do anything but continue to play the same way that we have in the last 3 of 4 games. Mike Andersen doesn’t seem to think anything needs to change. It comes across as the players better figure this out because it is not anything to do with the coaching.

I’m confused on what you want him to say. I just listened to the interview and he expressed several times they need to pick up their intensity and energy and need to improve on the defensive end. All of that is true. He’s fully aware the defense has been bad the past couple of games. What do you want him to say? You want him to go on a 15 minute rant about how bad his team is playing and blame all the players for everything? That’s not going to happen.

I want him to admit that some of this is not just about the players playing hard but it about bad coaching. His system is outdated and he needs to change or we will end up having a new coach whether it is this year or next year which is not what I want. The easiest thing to change is to stop the switches with the big men up top and the constant “trapping” which leads to wide open outside shots as the traps are constantly being split by a team with good guards.
We do not have the players to play that style successfully and the hand check rule of college basketball has made it very tough to play that 80’s/90’s “chasing” style effectively anymore against decently talented guards.

LOL, what press conferences have you watched where the coach tells the media he’s a bad a coach and that he’s changing his system in the middle of conference play, especially if his record is 17-7. The team just needs to execute and play better regardless of the system, if you don’t play well the system you run doesn’t matter regardless. And as far as the effectiveness of the system, Louisville, West Virginia and Florida all run a similar style and have success. Mike Anderson won 27 games with it a couple of years ago, he’s won 17 games with it so far this year, and he’s been to sweet 16s and and an elite 8 with it. I know Avery Johnson spoke at the press conference last week about our play style and said it’s very tough to play against and his team just couldn’t keep up with that type of tempo, but what does he know he only coached in the NBA Finals. I’m sure you know what works better than he does.

i am going to disagree slightly with part of your analysis… Once again, on Bo’s show today they had some sort of basketball analyst on there that talked about pressing teams.
He specifically mentioned Florida. Said after Florida had lost to South Carolina and Vanderbilt that Mike White told him before game the full court press was finished for the most part. Florida has gone on a run since that change. their coach did make a change and admitted it to whoever this guy was on Bo’s show before the game. He also said their offense had improved with the move along with their half court defense…he went on to say with stats that Missouri averages 66 or 63 a game, something like that and score over 80 i think he said. Oklahoma State scored over 40 points in the paint on us, and almost broke the century mark…i like Mike Anderson, but what really scares me is this style all he knows? if given more time, is this what we’re going to see for the duration? I will go on record and say with our talent, I don’t think we have any hope of ever making a deep run in the tournament, win the SEC, get a high seed, be prominent again. And i was stupid enough to say before the season this team could be an sweet sixteen or elite eight team. Man was i wrong.

He also talked about pressing in general. Said the last team to win it all was Louisville with a pressing team. He went on to point out, the percentages at Arkansas with our talent, were not high at all because we don’t get turnovers like Louisville and West Virginia do. He said in his opinion the pressing helter skelter full and half court affected the offense because of tired legs of the pressing team. And have we looked tired lately. He said the game had changed and that unless you had superior talent it would not work as the season wore on, and especially on the road or on a neutral court. Another example of a coach changing paths in mid season was the Oklahoma State coach, he totally revamped their defense mid season because it was not working. So a coach can be stubborn, or know only one way to skin a cat so to speak or he can suck it up and try to win however and whatever it takes.

I was asked by dudley, what would change my opinion on Anderson. For the record i said NO he should not be fired now, and as far as end of season, I said lets let the season play out, his recruiting has improved. A plus and shocker, i was leaning to giving him one more year. That being said, however, I want to see some coaching changes on how we run both our offense and defense. I don’t want to see any more routs. We need to beat the tar out of teams we should beat, period, home or on the road. We have one of those left this saturday. The rest will be dogfights because right now, at this moment, i think the rest of the teams and coaches we play will have adequate talent and superior coaching to beat us. if everything looks the same as the last two games, my opinion might change.

One last point, yes we have won 17 games. But we were behind by double digits in quite a few of those. The same ills that have cost us 3 out of the last 4 were there earlier but overcome. Are we tired? Are our legs spent? Barford looks winded, Macon doesn’t seem to have the step he had earlier, i don’t know, but could it be a possibility?

You should listen to one of Calipari’s radio shows sometime, just to hear how a coach can talk about how he coaches and what his team is doing right and wrong. Then compare with Anderson. Do it for the experience. It will blow you away.

From your previous posts, I’m assuming most of what you are saying is your normal bias on why CMA is a bad coach backed up with your own personal alternative facts and stuff you’ve heard other people say. Indisputable facts are, CMA has won 65% of his games as a head coach playing this style, he has 2 sweet 16 appearances, 1 elite 8 appearance, and has made the NCAA tournament on 3 different teams in 3 different conferences. Plus he’s one of a few active coaches that’s never had a losing season. Whatever you heard Bill Ingram say on the radio or your buddy say at the bar are all opinions, just because you keep saying them in every thread doesn’t make them true.

I’m sorry my punctuation or capitalization didn’t fit you eye. And it was too long. And you read where it somewhat disagreed w you in the first line and u chose not to read it. And when someone has a differing opinion of your devoted love for a coach rather than the school and experts contradict what you spout, of course you won’t read it. Kinda makes me feel better.

Sorry bro, I argue with with actual facts, not he say she say to fit my agenda. I want the hogs to win just as much as any other hog fan, however I look at stuff objectively and use facts to support whatever I’m saying. If I’m going to badmouth someone and call them a bad coach all the time, I’m going to at least have facts to back it up.

You’ve been really active in posting since the 2 game losing streak and all you ever do is repeat what other people have said that fits the CMA is a bad coach narrative that you are trying so hard to push, then when someone brings actual facts to the argument you get your feelings hurt and you move on to the next thread and do the same thing, I guess hoping for a different result.

CMA has always really struggled with communication.

I have no problem with long winded rants, or emotional responses to other opinions, or fudging the facts, or heck even badmouthing the opposition. If the POTUS can do it, surely we can all agree to tolerate it here, on a freaking internet message board. But… Bad Grammer? Come on man!

Anyways It might help your case if you had a name to put with that so called expert claim. No offense, I’m sure anyone calling in to sports talk with bo on a Thursday is somewhat of an expert… in journalism and or entertainment. But as far as I know the best college basketball experts are busy being gainfully employed leading a team somewhere, unless they are retired, in which case I’m sure nobody here would be quick to call their ideas and systems outdated and ineffective… you know since they are on bo’s show and everything.

Lord help us if anyone on sports talk with bo has a say in picking our next coach. I will say home games would be much more entertaining if bo was running the show. But I cringe just thinking about the disaster combination of talk radio personalities making the basketball decisions and Jeff Long making the administrative business decisions. YIKES

$1000 season tickets to see a bunch of knwa weather reports and first security bank commercials on the big “scoreboard,” and Larry “The Godfather” Brown’s best recruiting class yet at his 18th coaching stop or maybe 85 year old John “I’ll Kill You” Chaney coming out of retirement for another crack at Calapari? Ohhh I kind of like that last idea… I might even shut up about the scoreboard to see that, in case your listening Mr. Long… oh I forgot I need to call bo for my expert opinion to be taken seriously. Lol

Just Joking… I am sure we will end up moving on to a bigger and better scoreboard and an up and coming coach like the great Zach Spiker or Scott Cherry… SMH… Funny how if you look at the up and coming college basketball lists for this season it kind of makes sense, but if you look at the lists from even a couple years back they look like a regular sports talk radio caller wrote the list. We have the closest thing there is to a sure thing in Coach Anderson. I’m pulling for him big time right now because I hate to see what kind of crapshoot hire results from the certain vigilante mob firing if we stumble further this year.

disclaimer if we fail to win 22 games this year you won’t see me getting in the way of the mob screaming bring on Steve Masiello… :wink:

I know better than to stand in the way of the inevitable… but it ain’t over yet folks. Never give up before the fat lady sings. WPS

It’s actually grammar :P. But, I agree with you, I deleted what I said about grammar before your post and apologized to razor about it already. We need to keep it sports related, that’s my bad on that. But, my comments about him always pushing the hearsay he’s heard on the radio as facts, I’m not taking any of that back. Every since Bill Ingram made the comments on the radio he’s been pushing the CMA is a bad coach agenda like he’s getting paid to make us believe that or something.

yes a lot of people feel strongly about the cma is a bad coach agenda. and it is getting more difficult to argue with them since cma is not meeting expectations currently. i dont blame them for having strong feelings. but the thing is their reasoning is flawed…

CMA is not a bad coach. he has proved that many times over in his long career. but that is not even the pertinent issue. that is just an emotional response from people who are upset about the hogs not meeting expectations. To be frank, the agenda they should be pushing is that we arent meeting expectations. but then things get more complicated following that line of reasoning. like who can we realistically get that is sure to be better? how many great new hires in the sec have a better record than us now? or who could we afford to hire after paying Mike his buyout and paying for our football stadium expansion and just opened bball practice facilities and not to mention impending football coach buyouts or the state of ticket revenue? why exactly has our basketball program fallen into this position? why has recruting underwhelmed for so long? and just how appealing of a job is our program anymore? what should expectations really be? why is the bud no longer a difficult place to play? they say it is all due to bad coaching… really?? the fans will come rushing back and our reputation will return to its rightful place next to Kentucky and Carolina if we just get a different coach? haven’t we tried that before? like several times?

it is easier to say Mike is bad, as if any joe blow could do better if we just pull the plug on this regime. but I think if we really care most about winning we should try to answer some of those questions above. I’m not holding out much hope that the average fan is going to start caring about the weaknesses of our program beyond the head coach. but I do hope that the professional journalists we rely on do at least delve into these issues as much or more than they editorialize about that hot seat. (not saying that it is all negative in the newspapers now, but when it does get negative it tends to focus on the coach, and I hope somehow we can buck the trend and try to assess the problems in our program that have been lingering for 20 years)

Well, the thing about Arkansas is that we have Champagne taste, but we’re on a beer budget. And I don’t mean that as far as spending, I mean it as far as where we are actually at as program and the perception our fans have of the program. I think CMA said it best, Coach Richardson created a monster. A lot of Arkansas fans remember the 90s and remember us being a power house. To them, they still think Arkansas is a top tier program, but to top recruits, top coaches, and the national media, that’s not the case. We haven’t been a top tier program in over 20 years. In another thread I posted how CMA has compared to other coaches in the SEC and mentioned how he has a top 3 win percentage. I can’t remember the poster, but his response was why are we comparing Arkansas to bad SEC programs. And I don’t think he actual realized that Arkansas, as far as what we’ve done on the court the past 20 years, we’re really comparable to those bad SEC programs.

Me and Bakedhog were talking in PM. And I told him if Arkansas doesn’t make the tournament this year, it will be the beginning of the end of the Mike Anderson era here at Arkansas. I think he’ll get another year, but the seat will be so hot next year, every single loss will be deeply scrutinized, barring a deep tournament run next year, I don’t think he even gets to use that heralded 2018 class. Arkansas fans just don’t have patience, you gotta look at it like this, we didn’t even have patience with Coach Richardson and he brought us final fours and a national championship. He had a few mediocre years and even though he was still making the tournament, it was “Get him outta here, that style doesn’t work anymore.” After that Arkansas tried 2 more up and comers with vastly different styles, we didn’t have success with them, then it was let’s try forty minutes of hell again, now it’s that doesn’t work anymore again. Only chance Arkansas has to becoming like they were in the 90s is catching an up and comer like Nolan Richardson and hope he catches fire before the patience of the fan base runs out. We were fortunate that Nolan caught that fire in time, because they were about ready to get rid of him.

i agree with everything you just said except, “Only chance Arkansas has to becoming like they were in the 90s again is catching an up and comer like Nolan Richardson and hope he catches fire before the patience of the fan base runs out.”

that view is exactly what motivates many in the fire him now camp. maybe some don’t like him because something specific he said or other reasons, but most people just think the only route to success is trial and error with a new coach every 3 or 4 years until we get lucky. but then again you might be right in that may be our only hope because that belief is so widespread in our fanbase to the detriment of other necessary building blocks so that any other way to rebuild the program just won’t happen. i just think the odds are really low to find that perfect coach that can excel within three years in the face of everything else. who knows how long it will take that way. even the best coaches are hit and miss moving into similar situations at p5 schools. Nolan had a lot of circumstances in his favor. he arrived to an already engaged and rabid fanbase, the football program was down, we were truely a basketball school at that time, we were a winning program in the eyes of recruits, and he didnt have nearly the mandate to emphasize academics to keep scholarships. all those things, and im sure more, gave him a leg up. i really hope Mike wins big in these next seven games, because he has already won big in so many areas for our program, from improving our APR to building the practice facility to upgrading recruiting to having our only team finish in the top 25 since Nolan.

Blu, yes, CMA has a great record as a coach. I really hope that he can succeed. Right now the team is really struggling. I have posted instead of playing their best basketball that they are playing their worst. Who is responsible for this late season let down? CMA and staff and/or the players. I’m of the camp that the coach has the responsibility to know the team and get them prepared. Right now it doesn’t appear that he has properly prepared or motivated the team. Can it change… yes it can…however, I’m not optimistic that it will. The team has too many defensive breakdowns and seem to stand around and play one on one basketball on offense. To me, that goes straight back to CMA and the staff.

That’s not my personal belief, I was saying that’s the only method our fan base will allow. We have a proven head coach right now, and you see many are ready to run him off after a 17-7 start. There’s not too many quality head coaches if any from a P5 conference that’s had the success of CMA that will be a realistic option for Arkansas. But you can’t tell some of these fans that. So, the only way we have to get success is hoping to catching fire with an up and comer. And like you said the percentage of that happening is really low, but people would rather take that risk than to stick it out with a proven winner if he’s not meeting expectations in their time frame. In their mind Arkansas is a top tier program and every top recruit should want to come here because we were good in the 90s, you don’t win big here within a few years, it’s time for somebody else.

What’s going to suck though is if we do make a change and get rid of CMA. With his record and reputation, he’s going to end up at another P5 school and they will end up benefiting what we should have had here at Arkansas, just like before. Just look at Josh Pastner, he’s not half the coach CMA is and he landed at Georgia Tech after they ran him off at Memphis. Imagine if we fired CMA right now, he’s rebuilt 3 different programs and took them to the NCAA tournament with no losing seasons, he’d be one of the most sought after coaches on the market this off-season, no doubt one of the lower tier schools in another P5 conference would go after him so he can turn them around as well.

Forget coaching personalities of now or future.

What are the program expectations and how do we measure results Of where we are against those expectations?

Any coaching personality is only part of the equation.

I contend over the last 15 years we have become a program devoid of top 20 program and NCAA appearance expectations.

We and perhaps university management have become disappointed, but accepting of our state of affairs generally.

Expectations and results should dictate whether a coaching personality stays or goes.

I believe Heath may have been fired after an ncaa tourney appearance even (or one year after) when expectations of top 20 program were clear.

It is a new world for all now.

Blu, I think the issue isn’t 17-7, it’s 16-4. When we were 16-4, there were a few on here complaining and people were singing praises of the best start in 20 years. Those same people are now complaining because we went 1-3 in our last 4. It sure looks like something went wrong, it appears we are regressing. I know we’ve had a few win streaks this year after losses. A 5-7 game win streak right now wouldn’t be unwelcomed and would probably lock us in the tourney.