LSU, Miss St, and Mizzou will make Long's decision

Despite what any of us feel about CBB, his fate will be determined over the next three weeks. How the Hogs do vs. LSU, Miss St, and Mizzou will make Long’s decision for him.

3-0; Finish 5-0 with two wins vs. top-25 – CBB returns in 2018: 10% odds

2-1; Finish 4-1 with one win vs. top-24 – CBB returns in 2018: 20% odds

1-2; Finish 3-2 with win vs. Miss St or LSU, but lose to Mizzou – CBB gone: 25% odds

1-2; Finish 3-2 with close competitive losses vs. Miss St and LSU, and a win vs. Mizzou — Coin Toss: 30% odds

1-2; Finish 3-2 with blowout losses vs. Miss St and LSU, and win vs. Mizzou – CBB gone: 60% odds

0-3; Finish 2-3 – CBB gone: 75% odds

I think your odds are not too far off. Ialso think all 3 can score just about as many as they wish. We will score very little at LSU and MSU. Might be able to score a little against MO, but not enough. Arkansas has no deffese at all.

You know, Jim, I read a thread this afternoon where Clay explained our defense scheme intention vs scheme reality, or penetrate and wreak havoc (and have player enjoyment) vs stand up and try and hold your gap and fail miserably (and have player embarrassment). The first is how our scheme was originally explained to him, and thus to us, and the latter is how we presently play.

I am of the belief that a better explanation is due from CBB as to how we’ve returned to last year’s defensive play vs what they promised. I hope Insiders will pursue this.

I agree with this 100%. But might just get the coach speak.

I’ve said that all along. Told the kids we’re really not running a 3-4 defense. Just look at the way they lined up and seconds into the play it sure wasn’t a 3-4 defense. I figured we just didn’t have the horses to completely run a 3-4 effectively. As Clay explained.

Good question for our reporters. But coach speak is all the question would probably get. Just my 2 cents…

He’ll be back even if he losses out.
First losing season
He’ll be back

I also think Coach B will be back one more year regardless of the outcome of the next three games. 1. He was hand picked by Jeff Long and he is going to give him every chance to turn the program around. 2. BB has recruited well on the offensive side, has a talented offensive players that could materialize next year. 3. He has an excellent recruiting class for 2018 coming in. He will get a chance to incorporate that in to the team. 4. the buy-out, a lot of money, and it will play strong in making decision. I have no answer for the defense. Needless, BB will get a fair opportunity to put it all together, considering he is competing in the most difficult division nationally. Speaking for myself, I, like many am tired of being in a tail-spin year after year and ready to throw the towel in favor of a change. For the sake of fairness, he should get another year to see if all this fit together for the better. 5. Regardless who you bring, there is no guarantee that is going to work out ok. All adds up to decision of stay the coarse for now.

First? Try second

If they lose out as you suggested they mght and CBB still be allowed to return their SEC finishes will be as follows:

2013: 0-8 (Last)
2014: 2-6 ( Last)
2015: 5-3 ( 3rd)
2016: 3-5 ( T-5th)
2017: 1-7 (Last)

No chance he returns. Zero, zilch, nada - no SEC school allows a coach that finishes last three out of five seasons to return.

I don’t understand this line of thinking. We’ve got ~60 games of data at this point. What are three more games?

Omg…this has been worst display of Razorback football I’ve seen. I’m 40 so I’ve seen some hard years. But we seem less competitive than most of those. If we lose out and they bring him back, I can’t see this ending well. There is ZERO light in the tunnel right now, our offensive line and defensive line are major problems, it won’t be much different if not worse next year if BB stays. The best DL commit we have right now is basically quietly decommitted. Is there immediate help on OL coming? BB Has got to go. Even my dad who has always been a huge sunshine pumper said this worst he’s seen since he began watching around time Frank got into going

His fate was sealed yesterday by the empty seats and the teams performance on homecoming…

Look at the 22 players out there. Many are true freshmen redshirt freshman and sophomores. On offense no seniors at all. A young team just needs time to age. He has a great class on the hook.

We fire him now we have to start all over. Another 5 year cycle. I am sorry let him have another year. He gets it and it shows with recruiting. I think he says due to the new offers he has out.

I understand the start over deal. Makes me sick.

WE NEED some HOPE, something to give us to hold onto.

NOW, Matt, DD, Clay or whoever, there are a lot of moving parts to make this work. We are not a team that can take this many injuries.

Do we have some RS freshmen, injured players (ie, Pulley) and a class that can plug all the holes that need to fix thee dam that’s leaking all over?

Maybe DD can answer this. I mean we played a team starting 4 freshmen and 1 soph.

Now is there a chance BB has a plan that might just work? We do have some speed. NEED WR to be go to guys.Can the CLASS have some possible starters?

It’s a map, huge. Any chance CBB has or sees a way to fix this? And how big is the signing class?

I heard 20?? Why is it not 25. Make room if needed??

I think this years recruiting class is only 15 I think.
I don’t know what to think and I’m getting older every year and tired of saying well next year!
The hogs have youth at skill position I’ll give you credit for that.
Hope! That’s the question.

They play defense about as well as I spelled it above!

Agree with this wholeheartedly. You cannot beat a team that was 1-7 and in their first year in FBS by one point and expect that to help your resume.

I hear you Lima Charlie but I agree with others. He will be back. IMO JL doesn’t want to risk another search and HOPE this will turn around next year or maybe be more concerned if he lets BB go the hiring process may be somewhat taken from his hands.

If the excuse (perhaps legit) for this year is all the injuries to key personnel and some lack of development in the lines, I’m not sure what the next three games really prove.

If the above is true, then this year is a wash as a bad year.

It happens.

Either there is faith in improving the program next year or not with current leadership.

I’m not sure what magic happens next couple games that further evaluates last five years.

BOT should already be at decision of what to do when Missouri game is over.

Retain leadership or announce new leadership.

I have two excellent seats with chairbacks available for the Miss St game. Wanna fill an empty seat?

You know when you look at in black and white like that instead of conceptualizing in the mind, it really is compelling:

Total of 11 wins in 5 years:

almost half of those wins (5) came in one year alone (2015)
4 of the wins came against one team (Ole Miss)
with the rest of wins over 5 years: LSU (2 wins), and one each - MSU, Auburn, TN, Mizzou, and FL (at least he beat FL which no other Razorback coach could do except Lou Holtz in the Bluebonnet Bowl)

I still think it is incredibly unfair to count 2013 in his record. It simply shouldn’t count. Not sure 2014 should. The last 3 definitely do. However, it’s 2017 that’s so outstanding in its failure. 2015 & even 2016 weren’t really bad years. 2016 was on track to be a good year until two inexplicable collapses against MU & VT. Unfortunately, those two losses hurt CBB’s resume as badly as anything.