LSU making a killing throwing the ball over the Middle

I know y’all have heard me say time and time again it over the middle is wher a lot big plays can occur, because it puts linebackers in a no win situation. They can’t play both run and pass so they must choose…

LSU’s passing game is at an all-time record pace and it’s because they are throwing over the middle. They only threw over the middle 28 times all last year, they have already thrown the ball 20 times over the middle this yr… Passing on first down is very crucial, if you noticed they could really care less how many yards rushing they get, what they are looking for is mismatches, it is something I believe we are getting better at but I would like to see us make even more concerted effort to pass on first down down the middle.
This OL is really not built to be a great run blocking team especially once we start the SEC. We will see if we continue the trend that we have started.

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Agreed youdaman. I don’t recall many passes to the tight end just setting down in open space. To me that is one of the most effective way to keep defenses from continually blitzing the QB. I feel like we finally have arrived at a QB physically capable, but more importantly confident enough in his abilities, to make all the throws.

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Yep, but you gotta have steel ones to be able to do that. I’ve not yet seen that from our current coaches; they love to throw to the sidelines…on third downs, as you note.