LSU lost series at Georgia

Dawgs took last two games at Athens. Georgia, A&M and us will be 5-1, Auburn is in a shootout at Moo U and may also join us at 5-1.

I think we got a break with the schedule missing Jawja this year. On the other hand, you wish we were in the East. Other than Georgia and Vandy it is… not good.

It’s a good Georgia team. LSU got behind early today - on the road that’s tough.

Moo U has rallied and now leads Auburn 13-12 in the sixth. One of those Sunday we’re-out-of-good-pitching slugfests in the SEC. Leghumpers have scored in every inning so far; Auburn got 4 in the third and 7 in the fourth.

Auburn came back and took the lead, only to give it up again

Score is now 20-15 MSU after 8

(Bulldogs missed the extra point and Auburn made the two point conversion)

I know, the old football score joke is just that…old

Leghumpers won 20-15. I think they got two TDs and two field goals.

Misery is leading the Rebnecks 8-5 in the 6th. That would put OM at 3-3, if the Misery bullpen can hold the lead.