LSU loses another to Tommy John

Garrett Edwards’ season is over. He hasn’t pitched in several weeks, but it was announced today he will need Tommy John surgery. Chase Shores also needs it. They were arguably the Tigers’ two best relief pitchers with ERAs under 2.

Grant Taylor, the younger brother of Evan and Collin, had Tommy John in the preseason. He was going to be a stud this year and he’ll probably get good draft money.

LSU is having a lot of pitching struggles after Paul Skenes in Game 1. To the Tigers’ credit they have not lost a series yet, but it’s probably coming.

The old injury bug hits all over the place no one is immune. I sure hate to see LSU having problems.

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My worry is the strain on kids arms from almost year round throwing from a very young age. I’ve heard a number of baseball folks say it’s too much. My 14 year old grandson plays Middle School and travel baseball. Spring, summer and fall. it’s a lot. Thankfully my son in law is a HS pitching coach and really watches his pitch counts and makes sure he gets plenty of rest between starts.

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Guess what pitch is most dangerous to arms?

I talked to Matt Hobbs today for Hogs+ about grip on different pitches. He showed them all and several change-up variations. Then he volunteered that the change-up causes the most injuries. I would have guessed splitter or curve. But he said it’s definitely the change.

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I wonder how many potential major leaguers never even make it out of high school ball,without permanantly damaging arms, shoulders or elbows from all those years of year round baseball?


LSU lost the series to Auburn, which isn’t a surprise given how Auburn has been hitting and LSU has been pitching.

LSU has a fascinating team. They probably have the best offense in the country, but are also giving up 20 runs on weekends when Paul Skenes dazzles in Game 1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get to Omaha, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them eliminated in a regional.