LSU @Kentucky

It’s a carbon copy of the game we played in Baton Rouge. 8.19 remaining in the first half LSU 10 plus fouls and Kentucky 6. Kentucky got by with fouling a LSU player driving to the hole and then ran over a defender going to the hole both calls went to the favor of Kentucky.

I’ll tell one thing, LSU can drive the lane! More impressive, they FINISH!
If they can hold on this last minute, and beat KY, will make our win at LSU even more impressive!

Wow! LSU beats KY on a tip in as time expired!

Now the officials for the game will receive death threats and their businesses given horrible reviews.

That’s funny!

To be fair it was clearly offensive goaltending/basket interference

Watched it over and over. In my opine its was Offensive Interference.

Yes the ball was not touching rim and moving away from the basket, but
when it was touched, it looked like two-thirds of the ball was still above
the cylinder. Yes it was coming off, but I think he touched it just a bit
too soon.

I love seeing Calimari lose and to see a ref cause it is just hilarious when
you consider how that squid seems to always have the refs in his pocket.
Still, if I had been that ref, we’d be going to overtime.