LSU just hired Wes Johnson

That’s scarey.

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I wonder if he can keep Johnson from replacing pitchers after each pitch? I know, he didn’t really do that, but it felt like it.

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I don’t know about that, but he’s a great coach. He’s been ultra-successful everywhere he’s been.

Yeah that’s all we need, they get everything going for them right now. We will see how it transpires on the field.

Why did he leave the Twins??

Why did he leave Arkansas??? He was amazing here …

Probably for more money and getting a MLB job!!

Probably sick of working with spoiled brats making millions of dollars. :sunglasses:

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LSU has hit the jackpot in the portal and will probably be favorite for SEC West at least the way the roster is shaping up plus their historical background strength. Truly interesting and unexpected move.

I suspect LSU is offering better hours and better pay. The life of an MLB pitching coach includes about five months guaranteed on the road — 81 games plus nearly two months of Spring Training. College baseball is a grind between the season and recruiting and camps, but I don’t think anything matches the grind of MLB.

That season grind is likely why Hobbs wasn’t interested in moving to MLB when a potential opening was rejected. Coaching can be a rough grind regardless of level, but MLB seems to be the toughest.

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Matt told me that he thought there was more freedom to coach at the college level. We’ve seen a number of times where college coaches did not like the difference in coaching young men and grown men.

Matt is there any truth to the rumors that Hobbs may be looking around??

I wonder if this is a move to get himself in a position to maybe replace DVH someday?

I doubt it. I don’t think anyone thinks DVH is going anywhere for another several years. If he were 70 years old or he were making noise about wanting to hang it up before too long, then perhaps so. But so many things are likely to happen before DVH hangs it up that I wouldn’t think anyone would make current plans based upon that possibility.


You never know. Better to be prepared than caught with your pants down.

it was mentioned on the Yankees broadcast tonight that his salary at the Twins was around 250,000 and LSU offered 750,000…more money;less travels;more family time= college vs pros…also mentioned that pitching coaches were normally not paid a whole lot on the pro level…said it was the final year of the Yankees’pitching coach’s contract and was hoping they could hold on to him…Blake

Johnson’s LSU contract is $380,000 per year for three years. That is almost more than some SEC head coaches.

Sadly, he is probably worth it.