LSU just cleared the crowd out at OM

Grand slam in the top of the 9th gives Tigers a 6-1 lead. Ole Miss fans suddenly getting socially distanced from each other, heading for the exits. Tigers will win the first 2 games of this series. You can feel the swagger leaving the Black Bear players and crowd

But they’ll still act stoopid in the dugout because they’re Rebnecks.

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I was posting the sequence in another thread
Rebels looked like clowns

Not a good time for the Tigers to be heating up.

South Carolina came into our series hot. They won 2 of 3 at LSU last week

I wondered what losing Tim Elko would do to Ole Miss. He is really missed.

Good point.

Besides Kopps, I wonder if losing any one player from the Hogs would result in such a similar turn in the season as Ole Miss has had? Can’t think of one (even Opitz).

Would rather not find out.

Losing either of those would be bad news indeed.
I am smiling knowing that ola miss groupies are losing.
Never an easy path in the SEC.

Yeah, I’m glad you excluded Kopps. I’m not sure he is from this planet. 66 Ks now in 37 innings. He appears to be super human. We should probably have our next 2 road dugouts and bull pens swept for kryptonite before letting Kopps enter.

Is this the best 37 consecutive innings ever pitched by a Razorback pitcher?

Captain and Heart and soul of that team.Be like losing Opitz from leadership standpoint but much better hitter.

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