LSU is serious about SEC football

Ed Orgeron got a deal for 42 million dollars for 6 years which included a split dollar life insurance policy. I thought LSU, that is, the state and the school, were in financial trouble. I guess they squeezed enough out of the turnip to pay Ed.

Is Arkansas serious about SEC football? I don’t think we are Alabama, Auburn, LSU or Texas A+M serious. We may not even be Mississippi State or Ole Miss serious. We lost a coach to Ole Miss for about $4,000,000 and Mississippi State just paid Mike Leach $5,000,000 per year to come coach the Maroons. Those schools do whatever is necessary to try to win. I don’t really think we do. I am not saying it’s proper or right to do what all these schools do. I am saying you can’t compete at a high level unless you go all in.

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I think lots of our big boosters and our AD would disagree with you. And just throwing money at a problem does not mean that you care more than the next guy. There is blowing money and there is working hard, and they don’t necessarily coincide.

and from what I’ve heard from folks “close to the situation”, we did not “get outbid for Little Lane”. our AD had a deal with Little Lane, then Laney and his agent claimed a bidding war with ole mrs, and our AD told them to stick it.

I also hear that the amount ole piss is paying him is less than our offer, despite the agent telling our ad it was more.

either way, I am VERY happy not to have that viper coaching our team or representing our state.

Now, Leach I love. I would have been very entertained to have him as our coach.

But I honestly think our coach is better for us that the coaches at Ole Piss or MSU or LSU or Auburn or A&M. Or Mizzou or tennessee.

Ask me again in 3 years, but the only coaches in our conference who I think are “better” than CSP are Saban, Mullen, and GA’s dude. Kentucky’s coach did a heck of a job this year too.

And if you are talking about fans, then I’ll assure you that I am serious about the hogs, lol


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The answer to that question is whether or not Pittman can get the job done. He wanted the job when others did not. I hope Sam is successful as we are at a point in time to move forward or become Vandy. I like Sam but understand why national media responded way they did as it was not equal to division we find ourselves in.

As Sam says, we have to go to work and there is a lot of that to be done.

We spend a lot less on analysts, support staff, etc. than the big boys in this league.

We’ve always gone all in on facilities and too often been cheap when it comes to the staff directly responsible for filling the stadium.

To my thinking, this is what my dad would so eloquently describe as “ a** backwards.”

Becoming Vandy would be an improvement.

I know, sad to say that

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The fact Arkansas has been as bad and at times worse than Vandy the past few years is truly pathetic. The level of incompetence and poor decision making required to get us to this point is staggering and hard to fathom.

Long, Peoples, BOT, Steinmetz, Morris, and Bert - the whole bunch and then some should be ashamed of themselves.


Unfortunately, sports is just one part of society that is experiencing similar levels of disfunction. How many analysts ,etc could we hire if we were not paying big $ for people not to coach or expanding a stadium on basis of beliefs by those you mentioned?

We have parts to successful but need leadership to put parts in right places. Next three years will be telling.

My understanding, Morris had a better contract.last year than Coach O. LSU got serious after the championship. They just hired the right person(s).

Let’s see if Ed can sustain last years success, I say no. Not too long ago they were wanting to fire him.

Lsu was also paying their DC around 2.5 million, that’s serious. The HC salary may not have been league high, but their total payroll was very high. They are and always have been committed to winning.

Us? I personally think not so much. Not sure where we will be this year, but I’d suppose we are bottom 3 in total payroll, maybe the lowest. Mizzou is outspending is by 400kish, granted their coach is making 1Million more, but total payroll commitment is still higher.

I hope Sam works out. We have nothing to judge off how it may or may not go. To whoever said there’s only 3 coaches in the SEC better, idk what in the world you would possibly base that off of. I just hope he’s not bottom half, time will tell. Could be great, could be horrible.

Why is it we are not paying like others?? We all share an equal division of money for all these bowl games. I know our attendance does not bring in the money have a lot of these schools, but I would think are boosters would be able to hang with most anybody when you consider The Walton’s and Tysons… I’ll hang up and listen

I can’t believe you don’t run an athletic department, seeing how you always have all the answers, most generally, after the fact.

I agree with you and your dad on this spending deal. We spent $160 million on the north end zone. The past 2 years those seats have been pretty empty. We have superb facilities everywhere for sports like track, soccer and softball, yet we hold back on spending money for the best coach available to come lead the football program while our program goes into the abyss. The first priority should have been to have funds available so we could hire the best coach we could. Then prioritize the remaining funds for those other things after this goal is taken care of. I am not on Hunter Yurachek’s case…these decisions were made years ago.

OM, MSU, and Vandy get less from their “boosters” then we do, Walton, Tyson, and Stephens money is brought in everywhere. Plus, outside of the above mentioned, they all have greater attendance than we do, that adds up quickly.

The North End zone sold 1800 out of 2200 club seats the past 2 years, a lot better than the rest of the stadium on average.

After the fact?

I called Bert for the drunk fraud he is longer than most ( not Baked) and said we were stupid for hiring Morris over Norvell. Again, I was proven correct.

Take a nap old man and try again.

Yep - don’t hold any of that against HY.

Well, who didn’t want Norvell over Morris? And deciding 3 years into a coach’s hire doesn’t make you a soothsayer, lol. When you grow up, maybe you’ll be in position to be a GOBN and pay off the contract, until then, you’ll have to watch.

Watching just like you gramps LOL