LSU is going to be a load

And Kelly is doing a great job. How is that? With our D’backs…

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Kelly will win a National Championship or two at LSU. I loved that hire when it was announced.

Don’t disagree but will say this Sam would too there at lsu.

Near that level of talent is crazy

I don’t think so. Kelly is a top 5 or top 10 coach.

If Les Miles and Ed O can win Natty’s at LSU, it’s scary to think about what someone like Brian Kelly can do there

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LSU is better than I thought or the Tide is worse than I thought…

15–14 Tide

We are going to get our a$$es handed to us


Clemson getting smoked by a pick-6 to make it 28-0

Your correct…

LSU will be coming off an emotional game either way. I don’t think they will run away from us. It will be a good battle for the boot

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Kelly is a good coach and he is just getting started. His recruiting class is right there with top schools. Coaching and talent will take a program a long way for long time. If he continues to get good qb play going forward the Bayou Bengals will be a hand full like Bama. That was great game last night.

LSU opens as a 4.5 point favorite.

I got some right. I thought 14.5…

4.5 points? Does anyone think that’s about right? How much for Home Team??

Seems low to me….

if i were a betting man i would lay those points

Thank goodness I’m not a betting man. Like I said LSU is going to be a load. I’ve watched LSU and that QB has jump started that team. He’s not making mistakes, now it fast forward to Big Plays…

LSU has great talent but they’re also a team that cannot be clicking on all cylinders just like we were not yesterday.

It will be tough for them to come down off of that high last night for a few days

I think if we can get off to a great start LOL we can get in their head pretty quickly because we have had great success against them over the years.

They are feast and famine they’ve given up over 200 yards rushing two or three times so if our OL can get there act together KJ is on his game I think we have a chance.
I like the way our defense played yesterday I saw very good improvement and seeing a running quarterback will help us prepare for Daniels

It’s as low as -2.5 at a few books now.

If we play even relatively close to yesterday, we will get beat by 50

I actually did bet against the Hogs, ONCE, they burned my behind. :sunglasses:

I believe SP has been decent against the number, don’t know the spread W / L though.