LSU hotels

Hard to find

That is graduation weekend. The hotels are always full that weekend with families coming into town from all over.

Might try across the river in Port Allen if you can’t find a room in Baton Rouge. There’s a couple of hotels there that are alright, just dont leave anything valuable in your car!

The LSU series is in Fayetteville.

Ha. That would be quite the commute then.


Rooms should be at a premium. In addition to LSU baseball we have UofA graduation and SECTrack meet. Would look in Springdale around 412&I49and also in Rogers

You are likely going to have to go to the Rogers/Bentonille area on I-49. There are nice choices there. And good eating. It’s a solid 25 minute drive.

I’m just proud we won’t be in the Box this year for a possum to run out on the field.

Last year my youngest graduated. I ended up having to get rooms in Bentonville, and even then the pickings were slim. I think I made reservations at least 2 months out.

I forgot about SEC track being here that weekend; thought it was the following one.

The chance of finding a room at the same hotel multiple nights is slim 10 days out, even in Benton County. The Bentonville Film Festival is going on at that time, and that brings in a lot of people from out of the state.

Your best bet might be to look in Fort Smith or Siloam Springs. It’s not ideal, but at least the drive is nice.

It might be worth checking AirBNB… in Fayetteville, if you’re into that kind of thing. It looks like there’s some places available in and around Fayetteville for that Thursday-Saturday.

Highly recommend. Several Razorback parents do this.

My middle one graduates, I got rooms back in January in Rogers. She even made our dinner reservations on Friday and Saturday night up there, one Fayetteville was pretty much booked up, and second, we have eaten everywhere in town over the last 20 years or so, lol.

I messed up by not making mine in January. I wasn’t sure at that point how many rooms I needed and waited. That was stupid.

Graduation weekend is always the most active of the year in Northwest Arkansas - more than Shareholders Week, state finals weekend, regionals, super regionals, etc. It’s like a football game weekend.

Add in the SEC Track meet, and the hotels are packed. There are 27 track teams that will have hotels that weekend (Arkansas stays in a hotel, from what I’m told, and Vandy doesn’t have a men’s team) plus the LSU baseball team. Then add in thousands of families for graduation, and our hotel inventory is strained.

Well, I am so not looking forward to it, lol. My daughter will graduate with dual degrees, topped rank Sr in one, Sr of distinction in the other. Anyway, because she is being recognized in both, she’ walking in both. It looks like about 4 hours in BWA and Barnhill to me, and they aren’t shooting hoops. I’m super proud of her, but I’d rather be at the game.